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World 8

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World 8
MF Map8.jpg
Developed by: Buziol Games
No. of levels: 4
Theme(s): Castle
First appearance: Mario Forever v1.16
Previous: World 7
Next: None

World 8 is the eighth world found in Mario Forever and Mario Forever Remake. It's the last main world to be encountered. This is the only world to feature tank-themed levels.



  • Fire Piranha Plants
  • Stone Spinies

World Map

World 8 Map

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
German Welt 8 World 8
French Monde 8 World 8
Italian Mondo 8 World 8
Polish Świat 8 World 8
Portuguese Mondo 8 World 8
Spanish Mundo 8 World 8


  • In the older versions of the original Mario Forever, there exists a duplicate of this world's map that is empty. It is located before all of the Hardcore Worlds' levels, suggesting that the Hardcore Worlds were meant to have a map. In version 5.9, however, the map became a blank white background due to its contents being removed.[1]


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