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Mario Minix

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Mario Minix
Mario Minix minigame.PNG
Theme(s): Grassland
Developer: Buziol Games
First appearance: Mario Forever v3.50

In Mario Forever Minix, You main condition is to knocking enemies from screen. The best way to getting plenty of scores is using the turtle shell! Remember, you have only 2 lives! - The minigame's title screen

Mario Minix (also known as Minix Mario Forever, Mario Forever Minix. previously called as Super Mario Bross Minix) is an endless minigame that was added in Mario Forever v3.50 and its fan-made remake, Mario Forever Remake. It's a minigame where the player has to stomp on enemies and collect coins for points. Once they lost, they could've shared their high-score to Buziol Games' website (before changing to Softendo).


The game at first was called Super Mario Bross Minix, which was released in late 2003. and came as a game before being bundled with Mario Forever, Polish language was the only language the game had, along with the ability to record the player's results into a file and upload it to Buziol Games website back then.

In 2006, the game was bundled and came with Mario Forever v3.50. with English language being completely added to the game. A Vitalize version, known as Mario Minix Online was also released in the same year.

Later, it was brought back to Mario Forever Remake, but removed the ability to share the player's high-score.


The player's main condition is to stomp enemies (except for Spinies) and making sure Mario is safe. Koopa Troopa's shells will help them gather more points by making combos, which hits the enemies, but will disappear in a few seconds if they don't use the shell. Coins usually fall in the ground, which gives them 200 points. A pipe sometimes appears which shoots coins up in the sky.

The player only has 2 lives, and if they lose them, their last score will be saved. their best score will be also saved until they get a better one.

Name Image How to obtain it Points
Good Good.png Get 2 combos 200
Not Bad! NotBad.png Get 3 combos 500
Wonderful! Wonderful.png Get 4 combos 1000
Incredible!! Incredible.png Get 5 combos 2000
Extremal!¹ Extremal.png Get 6 combos 5000
God like !!!¹ GodLike.png Get 10 combos Around 50000

¹ sic.

Finding criteria

In most recent versions of Mario Forever (along with MFR), the minigame can be accessed by going to the left side of Save Game Room.

Man, rescuing the princess sure takes a long time. They're gonna have to take a break by playing this minigame.


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Level Map

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  • ∞ Goombas
  • ∞ Koopa Troopas
  • ∞ Spinies

Level Statistics

  • ∞ Coins (Pipe sometimes shoots 21 Coins)


  • Pipe (shoots 21 Coins)


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