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Hardcore World 1

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Hardcore World 1 is the second extra bonus world that was added in Mario Forever,This world,is one of the most challenging worlds in the original game,It contains 4 levels,First is a fastrun level,Second and third are overworld levels,while the fourth one is a castle level.

Hardcore World 1
Hardcore 1 pipe.png
Developer: Buziol Games
Theme(s): Fastrun
First appearance: Mario Forever 3.50

Level synopsis

Preview Level Theme Level length (in pixels) Time
Hardcore 1-1.png Hardcore 1-1 Fastrun
??? 360
Hardcore 1-2.png Hardcore 1-2 Overworld
??? 360
Hardcore 1-3.png Hardcore 1-3 Overworld
??? 360
Hardcore 1-4.png Hardcore 1-4 Castle ??? 480


Bowser has 8 lives,and this time,He carries a Bullet Blaster,which shoots Bullet Bills,Defeating him will unlock Hardcore World 2.

Unlocking Criteria

The sign in World 1-2,indicating that the world is near.
The pipe in World 1-2,underneath it,The 2 blocks leads Mario to Hardcore World 1.

In World 1-2,you'll see a sign saying 'Hardcore Zone Is Near',if you jumped on two blocks in the first pipe,A message will appear,which says 'You Have Found A Secret Passage to Hardcore World 1',indicating that you've unlocked it.


Green Koopa Paratroopas

Fire Bros



Bill Blasters

Bullet Bill

Hammer Bros


Silver Hammer Bros

Piranha Plants

Pink Piranha Plants

Cheep Cheeps



Hardcore World 1 is the only Buziol world that uses the 'Fart Castle' theme.

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