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Mario Worker: Letter Worlds Series/World L

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World L
MW LWS WorldL.jpg
Developer: User:Mariovariable3410
Theme(s): Pipe maze
First appearance: Mario Worker: Letter Worlds Series

World L is the twelth world found in User:Mariovariable3410's Mario Worker: Letter Worlds Series. This world is heavily based on Mario Forever World 6, which is a pipe maze.

Level synopsis

Preview Level Theme Level length (in pixels) Time
MW LWS WorldL-1.jpg World L-1 Overworld 7968 360
MW LWS WorldL-2.jpg World L-2 Overworld 7968 360
MW LWS WorldL-3.jpg World L-3 Pipe maze Section 1
Section 2
Width: 6400
Height: 1504
Section 3
MW LWS WorldL-4.jpg World L-4 Overworld 11000 500
MW LWS WorldL-5.jpg World L-5 Castle Section 1
Width: 640
Height: 8640
Section 2


Retro Worlds

Castle cutscene

More infos about this world's cutscene can be found here.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Monde L World L
Italian Mondo L World L
German Welt L World L
Spanish Mundo L World L
Portuguese Mondo L World L
Polish Świat L World L


  • World L-2 is the first level after World 7-3 which contains raising/lowering water.

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