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Hardcore World 3

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Hardcore World 3
HC3 pipe.PNG
Developed by: Crist1919
No. of levels: 4
Theme(s): Fastrun
First appearance: Mario Forever Remake v2.7
Previous: None
Next: None

Hardcore World 3 is the unoffical third Hardcore World made by Crist1919, which appeared in Mario Forever Remake v2.7. being a sequel to Hardcore World 2, this world counts on the player's luck, skills and the time counter. The first, second and third are fastruns, being set in the afternoon, while the fourth is a castle with a lava rising.

Level synopsis

Preview Level Theme Level length (in pixels) Time
HC3-1.PNG Hardcore 3-1 Fastrun
??? 360
HC3-2.PNG Hardcore 3-2 Fastrun
??? 360
HC3-3.PNG Hardcore 3-3 Fastrun
??? 360
HC3-4.PNG Hardcore 3-4 Castle ??? 400


Bowser has been buffed in terms of healthpoints, being set to 10 HPs. and this time, he carries a small Flamethrower, which can be challenging to win. Completing this world will unlock the Power-up Laboratory.


coming soon


  • This world is also known as the Beyond World due to first appearing in the v1.0 of Mario Forever: Minus Worlds. When it appeared in Mario Forever Remake, its name was changed, and it also received slight edits.

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