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Mario Forever: Minus Worlds

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Mario Forever: Minus Worlds
MW Title.png
Developer: Crist1919
Built with: Multimedia Fusion (Dunami Mario Forever Engine (early builds)
Syxzchulun's World 10 Engine (official releases)
marioforevereditorv1.cca Crist1919 fix (future releases)
Latest version: 1.8
No. of worlds: 12 (6 main, 6 extras)
No. of levels: 45 (27 main, 18 extras)
Download link: [1]

Mario Forever: Minus Worlds is a Mario Forever-styled fangame developed by Crist1919. The game is made with Multimedia Fusion, although initially with Dunami Mario Forever Engine. The game is made with Syzxchulun's World 10 engine.


Mario Forever: Minus Worlds born from the idea of expanding author's first world, which won TheMarioVariable's first contest. First levels were made in Mario Worker 2.0 but then remade with Dunami Mario Forever Engine. However due to problems with engine, project was left for some time, but some time after that levels were remade again, this time however with Syzxchulun World 10 engine. World -1 was released under name "Minus Worlds Series" (known also as release v0.5 which was last unofficial release) which was later used for preparing first official release of Minus Worlds.

Quote from author's website:

"The project started on second part of August 2014. I created my first levels with Radel engine but due to it's glitchy nature and other problems I have to start everything again - remake all levels I've made and add new one. Thanks to help of some people like Mariovariable3410 I was able to build my first release with 100% Mario Forever style.

From that time many things changed: I've added new worlds, learned much things about programing, graphic and sound editing. So far my game contain 4 normal worlds, 2 custom worlds, 2 special worlds and 2 special levels."


The following is a table which contains all versions of Mario Forever: Minus Worlds developed and released.

Version Release date Description Changelog Download
October 30, 2014
First version of the game. [2]
January 13, 2015
New features, both seen and never-seen. [3]
January 21, 2015
Update consisting in new extra worlds, as well as remaking original ones.
  • World 0 has been finished.
August 24, 2015
Update consisting in more new stuff, new and old levels, and more bug fixing. [5]

Worlds and levels

Name Theme Author First appearance (version)
World -1 Overworld/Underground/Rockland Crist1919 1.0
World -2 Desert/Ruins
World -3 Night/Underground/Underwater/Rain 1.5
World -4 Koopa Troopa Island (Overworld/Skyland)
World -5 Autumn/Underground/Lava 1.8
World -6 Snow/Underwater
World -7 Mountain/Skyland/Clock Tower Coming Soon
World 0 Rockland/Underground/Pipe maze Crist1919, TheMarioVariable 1.0
World Ø Volcano/Underground/Lava Crist1919, Mario Worker, TheMarioVariable 1.8
Beyond World 1 Block Overworld (afternoon) Crist1919 1.0
Millenary Map Overworld/Rain TheMarioVariable 1.8
World A Overworld/Dark Clouds Crist1919, McGentherius 1.8
Fortress Madness Fortress/Castle Crist1919, Mariogeek1234 1.8
Name Theme Author First appearance (version)
Bowser's Revenge Castle Crist1919 1.0
Piranha Plant Mayhem Overworld/Pipe Maze Crist1919 1.5
Hammer Bonanza Night Plains Crist1919 1.8

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Chinese 永远的马里奥:负数世界 Mario Forever: Minus Worlds
French Mario Forever: Mondes Négatifs Mario Forever: Minus Worlds
Italian Mario Forever: Mondi Meno Mario Forever: Minus Worlds
Polish Mario Forever: Ujemne Światy Mario Forever: Minus Worlds
Spanish Mario Forever: Mundos Negativos Mario Forever: Minus Worlds

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