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Hardcore World 2-1

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Hardcore World 2-1
Hardcore 2-1.png
Theme(s): Grassland
Time: 360
Developer: Buziol Games
First appearance: Mario Forever v3.5

Hardcore World 2-1 is the first level of Hardcore World 2 in Mario Forever and its fan-made remake, Mario Forever Remake. The level resembles a grassland level where it has a lot of Lakitus trying to stop the player from getting to the end by throwing a lot of Spiny Eggs.

Level Layout

This is a straightforward level, mostly comprised of structured walls and coins. There is a Fire Flower at the very beginning which serves as the only means of attack and defense. The player then can only collect coins from that point, and try to collect the secret 1-UP if they feel brave enough to risk their run.

When the player starts, the stage contains 0 enemies. The five Lakitus all appear at once to ambush the player as soon as they cross the second panel, warning that several Lakitus are coming out. It is triggered by touching an invisible object, and funnily enough, its height fits the screen size, which means, chances are the Lakitus won't come out if the player manages to make a jump that goes beyond the upper border of the screen.

The Lakitus in this level are extremely aggressive, and move with a mind-boggling speed. It's practically impossible to stomp on them because of their rapidity, plus the fact that they are very likely to drop at least one spiny egg when they are visible on screen. During the final part of the level, which corresponds to the succession of small triangular-shaped blocks, the Lakitus become even more oppressive, tripling their throwing rate.

Invisible 1-UP

There's only one in the level, it's located on the right side of the second flipped "U" wall that contains 4 coins inside ( It's the structure on the left, in the article's screenshot ).


From version 6.0 onwards, a Super Mushroom can be seen appearing slightly above the ground, right at the beginning of the stage. It is likely an overlook.

Level Map

Hardcore World 2-1 Map


  • ∞ Spiny Eggs
  • ∞ Spinies ( After being hatched from the Spiny Egg )
  • 5 Lakitus ( Respawns after some seconds when one of them gets hit )

Level Statistics

  • 164 Coins
  • 1 Super Mushroom (v6.0 and onwards only)
  • 1 Fire Flower
  • 1-UP Mushroom ( Invisible )

Level Strategy

The only valuable strategy to get over this level is the most obvious : dash ! The player will need some skills to dodge the Spiny Eggs, especially when walls or wide gaps are suddenly showing up. They can use the Fire Flower to get rid of them, but it's best to do it if they are able to keep up with the flow, since attacking is likely to be done slower than just dodging. Attacking with fireballs is not necessarily a bad option, since it will prove useful for the following level, which is filled with deadly enemies as well.


  • This is the only level in Mario Forever that features a Fire Flower found on the ground.
  • Moreover, this is the only level which initially has not a single enemy in the entire level, until the player triggers the Lakitus' attack.
  • The Spinies disappear if their distance with Mario is higher than approximately the screen's width. It was made this way to prevent performance loss, to even game freezing because of enemy overload.
  • The two blocks seen before the pipe which Mario stands on at the start are not solid as the player can pass through them. This issue was fixed in version 6.0.
  • This and Hardcore World 2-4 are the only extra levels with missing Check-points.