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Hardcore World 1-2

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Hardcore World 1-2
Hardcore 1-2.png
Theme(s): Fastrun
Time: 360
Developer: Buziol Games
First appearance: Mario Forever v3.5

Hardcore World 1-2 is the second level of Hardcore World 1 in Mario Forever and its fan-made remake, Mario Forever Remake. The level resembles another fastrun level, which features a lot of enemies in it. Fire Bro, a new enemy that throws fireballs makes its debut in this level.


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World -2 Passage

The bottom part of the pipe, which takes Mario to World -2

Exclusively to Mario Forever Remake, When the player are near the end of this level with two pipes, they have go to the second one and enter it sideways ( Just like World 8's secret passage in 3-1 ). Then, they will get a message saying 'You Have Found A Secret Passage For World -2 !!!', indicating that they've unlocked it.

Level Map

Hardcore World 1-2 Map



  • ∞ Bullet Bills
  • 10 Fire Bros
  • 10 Goombas
  • 7 Green Koopa Paratroopas
  • 7 Bill Blasters
  • 3 Hammer Bros
  • 2 Spinies

Level Statistics

  • 75 Coins
  • 2 Super Mushrooms
  • 2 Fire Flowers
  • 2 1-UP Mushrooms

Level Strategies

Unlike the previous level, the difficulty of that level is purely based on enemies, mostly the dangerous kind. The Fire Turtle is the main obstacle of the course, and one of its main threats. Unlike its hammer counterpart, it's easier to stomp it because its fireball projectiles don't go in an arc trajectory, reducing to 0 all risk of getting hit while trying to jump over. However, defeating them must be quick, because they shoot pretty fast fireballs in the player's direction and with a rather fast pace. The more it shoots fireballs, the more it's becoming hard to dodge them. More than that, its movement can easily make Mario get killed because it keeps on moving back and forth in an unpredictable manner.

Other than that, once the player reaches the section containing Bill cannons, they have to try to get out from here as fast as possible, so the Bullet Bills don't overwhelm them. It's especially important since the next part needs precise jumps and patience. Such hazards will quickly get in the way and ruin the player's progress.


  • This is the only level in Mario Forever that has a forest background scenery that stretches for the majority of the level.