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World of Stupidity-3

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World of Stupidity-3
Theme(s): Overworld
Time: 360
Developer: Softendo
First appearance: Mario Forever v6.0

World of Stupidity-3 is the third and final level of World of Stupidity in Mario Forever v6.0 and its newer versions. The level resembles yet another overworld that is considered to be the hardest level in World of Stupidity itself, Falling ? Blocks are everywhere, and Stupid Clouds are put in the worst/frustrating spots. It's also famous for having some Stupid Clouds trolling the player in the end by killing them.


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Level Map

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  • 133 Falling ? Blocks
  • 23 Stupid Clouds
  • 2 Trolling Piranha Heads

Level Statistics

  • 45 Poison Mushrooms
  • 2 Super Mushrooms
  • 2 Green Luis


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  • The checkpoint in this level is a troll, which is guarded by Stupid Clouds.
  • In v7.02 and above, finishing this level will take you to an unused level instead of the save room. This unused level was intended to be one of the levels for "Frustration World", according to Michał Gdaniec/Michael Gdanietz, but it ended up being unfinished. Taking the pipe at the end of this level takes the player to Goomba Party.