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World 2-3

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World 2-3
Theme(s): Bridge
Time: 360
Developer: Buziol Games
First appearance: Mario Forever v1.16

World 2-3 is the third level of World 2 and the seventh level overall in Mario Forever and its fan-made remake, Mario Forever Remake. The level resembles a bridge level, in which it has a lot of Cheep Cheeps jumping to get Mario.


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Level Map

World 2-3 Map


  • ∞ Cheep Cheeps
  • 8 Red Koopa Troopas
  • 2 Green Koopa Troopas
  • 2 Piranha Plants

Level statistics

  • 55 Coins
  • 2 Super Mushrooms
  • 2 Fire Flowers


This level relies on the jumping Cheep Cheeps, as they can jump at any time and any speed. The player must have a Fire Flower with him, to get rid of the Cheep Cheeps, and the red Koopa Troopas. Be aware that no matter how many Cheep Cheeps the player beats, they will infinitely respawn and jump, before swimming down. Another major problem in this level is the many gaps it has, if the player fell to any of them, then it's over, they have to restart the level. Luckily, this level is short, but with all of the danger it offers, the player has to avoid the Cheep Cheeps, and not to make a mistake when running.


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