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World 6-2

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World 6-2
Theme(s): Overworld
(first part and third part)
Underground Pipe Maze
(second part)
Time: 360
Developer: Buziol Games
First appearance: Mario Forever v1.16

World 6-2 is the second level of World 6 and the twenty second overall level in Mario Forever and its fan-made remake, Mario Forever Remake. The level resembles an overworld level in the first and third part. And a huge underground pipe maze in the second part. This level is infamous for not only being the hardest level in World 6, but also for having it featured in the first Mario Forever video that was published on YouTube in 2007.


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World -7 Passage

The 2 blocks that will teleport Mario to the minus world.

Exclusively to Mario Forever Remake. When the player is in the section of the 4th correct pipe, they must go underneath the pipe that has 4 coins. and then, in a similar way to Hardcore World 1's passage (in World 1-2), they have to jump beneath the pipe's 2 blocks and a message will appear saying 'You Have Found A Secret Passage For World -7!!!'. telling them that they've have unlocked the world.

Level Map

First and Third part
World 6-2 First and Third part Map
Second part (The Maze)
World 6-2 Second part Map (The Maze)

Second part but with arrows

World 6-2 Second part Map but with arrows to show the correct way. (Red arrows are wrong ways, Green arrows are correct ways)


  • ∞ Bullet Bills
  • 17 Green Koopa Paratroopas
  • 6 Piranha Plants
  • 6 Spinies
  • 6 Fire Piranha Plants
  • 6 Piranha Heads
  • 5 Bill Blasters
  • 4 Hammer Bros

Level Statistics

  • 72 Coins
  • 4 Super Mushrooms
  • 3 Fire Flowers
  • 1 Beetroot
  • 1-UP Mushroom


  • Ground Platforms (all of them falls down when the player steps on them)
  • Pipes (There's some that leads to the wrong way and some that leads to the right way. The purple one leads to the goal gate.)


  • The main focus on this level is to memorize the pipe's directions and where it leads, as this level is long and has a lot of enemies. If the player manages to reach a part of the maze with the Spiny, Fire Piranha Plants and a Piranha Plant, they need to jump to an invisible block in order to reach the fourth correct pipe. As for the last part of the maze, the player needs to be careful from the Fire Piranha Plants and the Bullet Bills, which makes this part difficult. Luckily, before entering the final correct pipe, there exists a Super Mushroom (Fire Flower) to help you in the final section.
  • The final section has two major obstacles the player needs to avoid, the Hammer Bros. and the falling ground platforms. The first part requires the player to play smart against the RNG-based Hammer Bros., while the falling ground platforms requires speed and a timed jump. The Koopa Paratroopas here don't serve any problems, but they are worth the shortcut if the player is in a rush, especially the second and the third Paratroopa.


  • This is the only underground level to have lava.

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