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World 8-4

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World 8-4
Theme(s): Darkland
Time: 360
360 (Bowser's Battle)
Developer: Buziol Games
First appearance: Mario Forever v1.16

World 8-4 is the final level of World 8 and the thirty-second and final level of the mainline worlds in Mario Forever and its fan-made remake, Mario Forever Remake. The level resembles another darkland level with autoscrolling tanks where the player gets to fight Bowser for the eighth and final time to rescue Princess Peach. Flamethrowers makes their first appearence in this level, in which they shoot flames every 4 seconds.


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Bowser Battle

Bowser this time has 20 HP, compared to 8 HP in the previous worlds. All of his attacks are here, including two new ones (which are in bold). The first one is Hammer attack, where he shoots 10 hammers four times (40 hammers). The second one is Fire Devastation attack, where he stands still and fires on the path before moving again. Princess Peach plays a major role in this battle, If Mario got hit, she will give him a Fire Flower (Super Mushroom if the player is Small Mario). Be careful tho, as she only has 4 of them, wasting them all will result in her not giving the player any powerups. Beating Bowser will result in Mario freeing Princess Peach, which then starts the cutscene.


The player has to stay away from Bowser when his eyes flashes red and white, As he could fire anytime he wants. When he starts throwing hammers, The player has to bounce on him before he starts throwing more of them. During that, They have stay close but not really close to Bowser so they can be safe from his hammers, They can also fire at Bowser when they're close to him and starts throwing hammer. If he stops unexpectedly, The player should go behind him, as that means he will start his Fire Devastation attack. The player has to bounce on him or fire fireballs to reduce his HP faster. If they got hit and Princess Peach drops a powerup, They have to pick it if they really need it or were shrunked as Small Mario.

The player has to be aware that she only has 4 of them, so grabbing them just for points will pretty much result with her not giving them anymore powerups.


Mario and Peach escapes through a pipe in the back of Bowser's tank, then all of the tanks in this level blows up and gets destroyed. Then, Mario and Peach returns to the Mushroom Kingdom, with the Toads shouting Mario's name with happiness and jumping. After that, Peach gets inside the castle along with Mario, with him thanking the player with a victory pose.

Then, another cutscene comes, which starts with a green text saying 'Some time after' (Nine Months Later in the remake, blue) and high pitched sounds starts playing. After that, dozens of Baby Marios starts running and jumping with them saying 'Yippe'.

Meanwhile in World 8, the ruins of the tanks can be seen. And a Toad walks and sees a damaged Bowser portrait, turns back a few times, and then kicks the portrait. Which then leads to the credits.

Level Map

World 8-4 Map


  • ∞ Spikeballs
  • ∞ Bullet Bills
  • 10 Flamethrowers (8 in the original version)
  • 8 Hammer Bros
  • 8 Spikeball Launchers (7 in the original version)
  • 7 Spikes
  • 4 Bill Blasters
  • 4 Pink Piranha Plants
  • 3 Green Koopa Paratroopas
  • Bowser

Level Statistics

  • 1 Starman
  • 7 Fire Flowers ( Peach gives you 4 in Bowser's Battle)
  • 7 Super Mushrooms (Peach gives you 4 in Bowser's Battle)
  • 3 1-UP Mushrooms


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