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World 2

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World 2
MF Map2.jpg
Developed by: Buziol Games
No. of levels: 5
Theme(s): Overworld
First appearance: Mario Forever v1.16
Previous: World 1
Next: World 3

World 2 is the second world found in Mario Forever and Mario Forever Remake. It's the first world to feature underwater areas, and it's the only basic Mario Forever world to contain five levels instead of four.



World Map

World 2 Map

Castle cutscene

World 2 castle cutscene features Mario that, once he escaped from the castle, he starts to jump on it, crushing it in thousands of pieces. Background is more darker, since next world has a Starland theme.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
German Welt 2 World 2
French Monde 2 World 2
Italian Mondo 2 World 2
Polish Świat 2 World 2
Portuguese Mondo 2 World 2
Spanish Mundo 2 World 2

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