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Mario Worker: Letter Worlds Series/World C

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World C
MW LWS WorldC.png
Developed by: TheMarioVariable
No. of levels: 3 (+1 bonus)
Theme(s): Skyland
First appearance: Mario Worker: Letter Worlds Series
Previous: World B
Next: World D

World C is the third world found in TheMarioVariable's Mario Worker: Letter Worlds Series. This world is completely set in the skyland, and it lacks the castle level, making it one of only two worlds in the series to not have a castle level, with the other being World G, and one of four worlds that have a bonus level, with the others being World M, World S and World X.

Level synopsis

Level Preview (left: older version / right: newer version) Theme Level lenght (in pixels) Time
World C-1 MW LWS WorldC-1.jpg MW LWS WorldC-1 new.png Skyland 8333 360
World C-2 MW LWS WorldC-2.jpg MW LWS WorldC-2 new.png Skyland 3456 (section 1)
1920 (section 2)
World C-3 MW LWS WorldC-3.jpg MW LWS WorldC-3 new.png Underground 5000 (section 1)
2560 (section 2)
World C-A MW LWS WorldC-A.jpg MW LWS WorldC-A new.png Skyland 7216 360


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
German Welt C World C
French Monde C World C
Italian Mondo C World C
Polish Świat C World C
Portuguese Mundo C World C
Spanish Mundo C World C

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