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Koopa the Devastator

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Koopa the Devastator is an extra level present in Mario Forever and Mario Forever Remake. It's found in World 2-1.

Finding criteria

For reach it, Mario should find two hidden ? Blocks containing a Coin and a Green Jumping Lui, respectively. Once the player found both of them, he just need to jump on them as they act as platforms. Finally, he needs to enter in the pipe near the Green Lui block.


Its layout is exactly the same as World 1-4 Bowser battle arena, but Bowser himself acts more rudely, by releasing two fire breaths at once, and more often than originally he does. Most recent versions changed 1-4 layouts, but this level's layout is still the same as the original one from 1.15.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Koopa le Devastateur Koopa the Devastator
Italian Koopa il Devastatore Koopa the Devastator
Spanish Koopa el Devastador Koopa the Devastator


  • Level's name is "Koopa the Devastator", while it should be "Bowser the Devastator". It has been used Bowser's Japanese name.

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