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Koopa the Devastator

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Koopa the Devastator
Koopa the devastator for infobox.PNG
Theme(s): Castle
Time: 359
Developer: Buziol Games
First appearance: Mario Forever v4

Koopa the Devastator is an extra level present in Mario Forever and its fan-made remake, Mario Forever Remake. Its found in World 2-1 and has a mean (and cool shading) Bowser in it.

Finding criteria

To reach it, The player should find two hidden ? Blocks containing a Coin and a Green Jumping Lui, respectively. Once the player finds both of them, they just need to jump on them as they act as platforms. Finally, they need to enter in the pipe near the Green Lui block.

Why is there a pipe near the Green Lui?, Mario hopes it's not a trick Bowser is planning to do.

Bowser Battle

Mario jumping to defeat Bowser on an extra battle, unlike his previous attempts. he won't be easy to him.

Bowser this time has only 5 HPs, but breathes 2 fires instead of one every one second, and has a shading effect put to him. This makes him as a challenging boss. Defeating him will give the player 28 1-UPs to you.


Getting a Green Lui or a Fire Flower can be extremely helpful. since Bowser sometimes jumps and breathes fire in the same time. When the player have the Green Lui, They have to get closer to him and hit him.

If the player uses a Fire Flower against Bowser, they have to shoot the fireballs in the corner. and when the place gets filled with fires, The player has to either make a perfect jump or sacrifice their power-up.


The layout is exactly the same as World 1-4 Bowser battle arena.


  • Bowser

Level Statistics

Nothing around here.


coming soon


coming soon

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Koopa le Devastateur Koopa the Devastator
Italian Koopa il Devastatore Koopa the Devastator
Spanish Koopa el Devastador Koopa the Devastator

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