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World of Stupidity-2

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World of Stupidity-2
Theme(s): Overworld
Time: 360
Developer: Softendo
First appearance: Mario Forever v6.0

World of Stupidity-2 is the second level of World of Stupidity in Mario Forever v6.0, and its newer versions. which resembles another overworld level. Falling ? Blocks and Trolling Piranha Heads makes their first appearence in this level, the prior enemy immediatley falls to the ground, which kills Mario whatever power-up he has, and the latter one immediatley appears and it kills Mario if the player touched its spawning zone. This increases the difficulty of this level by having alot of dangerous enemies, including the Stupid Clouds.


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Level Map

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  • ∞ Tree Rockets
  • 63 Stupid Clouds
  • 27 Green Koopa Paratroopas
  • 6 Trolling Piranha Heads
  • 4 Goombas
  • 3 Falling ? Blocks
  • 1 Bill Blaster

Level Statistics

  • 15 Poison Mushrooms


  • Springs


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coming soon