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Goomba Party

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Goomba Party is an extra level found in Mario Forever and Mario Forever Remake. It's found in World 1-3. This level contains lots, and lots of Goombas, hence the name.

Finding criteria

Player must have the Beetroot powerup kept intact, because the entrance for this level is blocked with some Brick Blocks. He needs to shoot some Beetroots against the Warp Pipe entrance, so he can make it free, and then finally he can enter it.


Goomba Party layout is nearly identical to World 1-1, with some background differences that don't affect the gameplay, like a pink sky and some upside-down hills. The player must pass this level while avoiding plenty of Goombas that fall down from the top edge of the screen, which increases the difficulty of the level. Once the player reaches the Goal Gate, he earns 1.000.000 points.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Party des Goombas Goombas' Party
Italian Festa dei Goomba Goombas' Party
Spanish Fiesta des los Goomba Goombas' Party
Polish Etanga Przyjęcie Goomba Party

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