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Mario Worker: Letter Worlds Series/World T

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World T
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Developed by: TheMarioVariable
No. of levels: 5
Theme(s): Desert/ Sunset Desert/ Skyland/ Castle
First appearance: Mario Worker: Letter Worlds Series
Previous: World S
Next: World U

World T is the twentieth world found in TheMarioVariable's Mario Worker: Letter Worlds Series.

Level synopsis

Preview Level Theme Level lenght (in pixels)* Time
T-1.PNG World T-1 Desert 12345 360
T-2.PNG World T-2 Desert/Oasis 13680 360
T-3.PNG World T-3 Desert/Skyland 11600 360
T-4.PNG World T-4 Sunset Desert 11000 360
T-5.PNG World T-5 Castle 9000 450

* - Value estimated, not 100% exact.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
German Welt T World T
French Monde T World T
Italian Mondo T World T
Polish Świat T World T
Portuguese Mondo T World T
Spanish Mundo T World T

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