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World 1-1

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World 1-1
World 1-1.png
Theme(s): Overworld
Time: 360
Developer: Buziol Games
First appearance: Mario Forever v1.16

World 1-1 is the first level of World 1 in Mario Forever and its fan-made remake, Mario Forever Remake. The level resembles a simple overworld level that is short. The level also introduces basic elements, such as enemies, coins, blocks, and power-ups. It thus serves as a tutorial level, which is made more obvious in new versions of Mario Forever.


Mario rushing to get the 1-UP Mushroom in World 1-1

The level starts with an open path. When the player starts moving, a set of blocks can be seen. One of them contains a Super Mushroom; a small pit can also be seen. After jumping, a set of pipes and Goombas can be seen, and then more Goombas will appear.
Most of the ? blocks contain coins, although an invisible one can be hit near the right lonely coin, which contains a 1-UP Mushroom. A Goomba and a Koopa Troopa can be seen in a nearby pipe, followed with a Koopa Troopa and four ? blocks in row.
Small grass blocks can then be seen, with 2 pits on the left and right sides, and 2 sets of pipes. Before the checkpoint, a set of 2 ? blocks; one of them contains an item (either a Super Mushroom or a Fire Flower).
When reaching the checkpoint, a Piranha Plant will rise in the pipe. There is a Goomba and 3 ? blocks after the pit, and in the end, another Piranha Plant will appear in a pipe before you see the Giant Gate.

If the player went inside the third pipe, they'll be transported to a bonus area with coins everywhere. There's also a second bonus area in the same pipe; it can be accessed by jumping onto the pipe. Leaving any of the pipes will lead them out of a pipe near the checkpoint.

Mushroom Plague

When the player starts the level, they must go back to the left side of the level, and press the down button. A message should pop up, saying 'Green Mushroom Calamity Activated!!!'. The player will go down the ground as if it were a pipe to the goal, the difference being that 11 1-UP Mushrooms will be placed in the level.

Level Map

World 1-1 Map


Level statistics

  • 103 Coins
  • 2 Super Mushrooms
  • 2 Fire Flowers
  • 1-UP Mushroom (12 if the player counts the Mushroom Plague secret)


  • Third Pipe (leads the player to the underground)


  • The first level in Mario Forever entirely, it gives everything the player all of the basic stuff to it, Goombas, power-ups, etc. There isn't anything challenging in this level, as it serves as a tutorial for the player. If they found it quite difficult, during the gaps part, then they could take a major shortcut through the underground section and teleport them near the checkpoint.
  • Another strategy is to go through the Mushroom Plague 'pipe', and they will immediately be teleported near the end of the level, the player can take their time to grab all 11 1-UP Mushrooms, or finish the level pretty quick without any troubles.


  • Originally, the level was shorter, but was slightly expanded in v4.0, becoming slightly longer.