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World 1-1

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World 1-1
World 1-1.png
Developer: Buziol Games
Theme(s): Overworld
First appearance: Mario Forever
Mario rushing to get the 1-UP Mushroom in World 1-1

World 1-1 is the first level of World 1 in Mario Forever and its remake,Mario Forever Remake,the level resembles a simple,overworld level that is short,In new versions of Mario Forever,It serves as a tutorial level.

The level also introduces basic elements,such as enemies,coins,blocks,and power-ups.


The level starts with an open path,when the player starts moving,a set of blocks can be seen,One of them contains a Super Mushroom,a small pit also can be seen,After jumping,a set of pipes and Goombas can be seen,then,more Goombas will appear,most of the ? blocks contains coins,although an invisible one can be jumped near the right lonely coin,which contains a 1-UP Mushroom,a Goomba and a Koopa Troopa can be seen in a near pipe.followed with a Koopa Troopa and four ? blocks in row,then,small grass blocks,with 2 pits on the left and right sides,and 2 sets of pipes,Before the checkpoint,a set of 2 ? blocks,which can be jumped by jumping on the blocks,One of them contains an item (Super Mushroom or Fire Flower),When reaching the checkpoint,a Piranha Plant will rise on the pipe,after avoiding the pit,a Goomba will walk,with 3 ? blocks,and in the end,a Piranha Plant will appear in a pipe,before seeing the Giant Gate.

If you travelled in the third pipe,a bonus area will appear,with coins everywhere,there's also a second bonus area in the same pipe,It can be accsessed by jumping on the pipe,Leaving any of the pipes will lead you out of a pipe near the checkpoint.

Mushroom Plague

When you start the level,Go back to the left side of the level,and press the down button,A message should pop up,saying 'Green Mushroom Calamity Activated!!!',You'll be teleported near the goal,The difference is that 11 1-UP Mushrooms will be placed in the level.

Level Map

Coming Soon


8 Goombas

2 Koopa Troopas

2 Pirahna Plants

Level statistics

103 Coins

2 Super Mushrooms

2 Fire Flowers

1-UP Mushroom (12 if you counted the Mushroom Plague secret)