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Hardcore Worlds

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Hardcore Worlds
Hardcore sign.png
Developed by: Buziol Games (Hardcore World 1 & 2)
Crist1919 (Hardcore World 3)
No. of levels: Hardcore World 1: 4
Hardcore World 2: 4
Hardcore World 3: 4
Theme(s): Fastruns
First appearance: Hardcore World 1 & 2: Mario Forever v3.50
Hardcore World 3: Mario Forever Remake v2.7
Previous: None
Next: None

Hardcore Worlds are extra worlds that made their appearance in Mario Forever v3.50, and its fan-made remake, Mario Forever Remake. These worlds are challenging with new enemies and difficult level designs

Hardcore World 1

The first Hardcore World, which was made by Buziol Games. It features some lucky jumps and two new Hammer Bros variants that would come back in other levels and fangames, The last level reuses 7-4's castle although with more enemies and the iconic sign, along with the "Fart Castle" theme, the latter which was replaced in v5.0 for unknown reasons.

Unlocking criteria

The Hardcore sign in World 1-2, indicating that the world is near.
The 2 blocks that will teleport Mario to Hardcore World 1

In the part where there's a Koopa Troopa and two Goombas, the player will see a sign saying "Hardcore Zone is Near", indicating that its passage is near. When they are in the 2 pipes part, only jumping beneath the first pipe's 2 blocks is needed to trigger a message that says "You Have Found A Secret Passage To Hardcore World 1 !!", telling them that the world is unlocked.

Hardcore World 2

The second Hardcore World made by Buziol Games. This time, things get harder, as Lakitus make another return after World 4-1, although they will throw more Spiny Eggs faster. Then, a new hazard called Crushing Spiky Ceiling makes its first debut in this level, which kills Mario immediately whatever power-up he has. Its castle has a lot of Roto-discs, which can make the player screw up a lot if they're not careful. This world can be unlocked if Hardcore World 1 has first been beaten.

Hardcore World 3

Exclusive to Mario Forever Remake since v2.7, Hardcore World 3 was made by Crist1919. This one is a slightly edited version of Beyond World, qn extra world in Mario Forever: Minus Worlds, but adds some power-ups to some levels to make them a little easier. Lucky and small jumps, Crushing Spiky Ceiling, and the two new variants of Hammer Bros makes this world challenging to complete. In its castle, the lava will rise after some seconds, which requires the player to find the highest block to survive. When they're doing well, the lava will rise faster. forcing them to find the highest block as fast as possible. Completing this world will unlock the Power-up Laboratory as of v4.0. To unlock the third Hardcore World, it simply requires the completion of Hardcore World 2.


Mario Forever

Hardcore World 1

Hardcore World 1-1

Hardcore World 1-2

Hardcore World 1-3

Hardcore World 1-4

Hardcore World 2

Hardcore World 2-1

Hardcore World 2-2

Hardcore World 2-3

Hardcore World 2-4

Mario Forever Remake

Hardcore World 3

Hardcore World 3-1

Hardcore World 3-2

Hardcore World 3-3

Hardcore World 3-4


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Mondes Hardcore Hardcore Worlds
Polish Światy Hardcore Hardcore Worlds