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Mario Worker: Letter Worlds Series/World Q

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World Q
MW LWS WorldQ.jpg
Level difficulty: {{{level_difficulty}}}
Developer: Mariovariable3410
Theme(s): Snow
First appearance: Mario Worker: Letter Worlds Series

World Q is the seventeenth world found in Mariovariable3410's Mario Worker: Letter Worlds Series. This world is totally set in a winter place, unlike World K, and it contains some unique stuff like the wind that pushes Mario back, and the Ice Blocks, main element of the world.

Level synopsis

Preview Level Theme Level length (in pixels) Time
MW LWS WorldQ-1.jpg World Q-1 Snow 12400 400
MW LWS WorldQ-2.jpg World Q-2 Snow mountain 18200 600
MW LWS WorldQ-3.jpg World Q-3 Snow 11900 460
MW LWS WorldQ-4.jpg World Q-4 Frozen castle 17000 700


Retro Worlds

Castle cutscene

More infos about this world's cutscene can be found here.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Monde Q World Q
Italian Mondo Q World Q
German Welt Q World Q
Spanish Mundo Q World Q
Portuguese Mondo Q World Q
Polish Świat Q World Q

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