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Hardcore World 3-4

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Hardcore World 3-4
Theme(s): Castle
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Developer: Crist1919
First appearance: Mario Forever Remake v2.7

Hardcore World 3-4 is the foruth and final level of Hardcore World 3 in Mario Forever Remake, which resembles a castle (World 0-4, but different). However, the castle has a rising lava timer, which requires the play to find the highest block and stay on it until the lava hides. Later on, the lava will be faster, requiring the player to not make a single mistake when finding the highest block.


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Bowser Battle

Mario jumping to beat Bowser, but with the help of his 'new' Flamethrower. This battle will surely make it challenging for the player.

Bowser this time has 10 HPs, and is no longer aggressive like he used to be in Hardcore World 2. however, he carries a small Flamethrower from World 8-4, which increases the difficulty of this battle. Completing this battle will unlock Power-up Laboratory, with a message saying 'Congratulations! You Have Unlocked The Powerup Laboratory Zone!!!'. which will teleport the player to the Save Game Room.


To make this battle a little easier, the player has to be equipped with a Fire Flower, since this will help them a lot, along with staying at the left side as long as possible. If Bowser jumped and fired his flamethrower, they have to overspeed him and make a precised jump to bounce on him. it may be possible, but if he fired triple fires and jumped, along with firing his flamethrower, Then the player might lose a power-up or have to repeat the battle again.

Predicting and memorizing the second the flamethrower will do its attack will be helpful, but the player has to be careful from Bowser's fires.


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Level Statistics

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