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Human Laboratory World

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Human Laboratory World
Human Laboratory Sign.png
Developed by: Buziol Games
No. of levels: 5
Theme(s): Overworld
Clones' House
First appearance: Mario Forever v2.16
Previous: None
Next: None

Human Laboratory World is the first extra world found in original Mario Forever and its fan-made remake, Mario Forever Remake. It's the first custom Mario Forever world ever which was created out of the basic worlds (1-8). This world contains only human enemies. First level is an overworld in the morning, second is an overworld in the afternoon, third is an overworld at night, forth is a castle and fifth is an ending that takes place in a house.

Level synopsis

Preview Level Theme Level length (in pixels) Time
Human Laboratory World-1.png Human Laboratory World-1 Overworld
??? N/A
Human Laboratory World-2.png Human Laboratory World-2 Overworld
??? N/A
Human Laboratory World-3.png Human Laboratory World-3 Overworld
??? N/A
Human Laboratory World-4.png Human Laboratory World-4 Castle ??? N/A
Human Laboratory World-5.png Human Laboratory World-5 Overworld
Clones' House
??? N/A


  • Clone 1 (Goomba)
  • Coder Clone B (Koopa Troopa)
  • Jaws Clone (Piranha Plant)
  • Mutant (Only seen in the clones house)
  • Zorro Clone (Only seen in the clones house)
  • Star Closed Clone (Only seen in the clones house)
  • Clone 3/A (Spiny)
  • Big Clone Human B (Hammer Bro)


  • When this world was first released in v2.16, it was called World WWW.GRY.o2.PL, which was a reference to a popular Polish forum in 2004. It was changed to Human Laboratory World in v3.0 and onwards.
  • This world is the first known world which levels doesn't include a timer.
  • This is the only world that dosent have a map nor a boss.
  • There's a typo in this world's name - the word "Laboratory" is written as "Labolatory".

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Monde de laboratoire humain Human Laboratory World
Italian Mondo laboratorio umano Human Laboratory World
Polish Świat Ludzkiego Laboratorium Human Laboratory World
Russian Мир лаборатории людей Human Laboratory World
Spanish Mundo del Laboratorio Humano Human Laboratory World

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