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Syzxchulun's World 9

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World 9
World 9 map.png
Developer: Syzxchulun
Theme(s): Overworld
First appearance: Mario Forever Remake

World 9 is the first world created by Syzxchulun. It involves four levels. First level is overworld, second is starland, third is volcanic and forth is tanks. The world was released on 16 June 2013.

Level synopsis

Preview Level Theme Level length (in pixels) Time
World 9-1.png World 9-1 Overworld (sunset) ??? 360
World 9-2.png World 9-2 Starland
??? 360
World 9-3.png World 9-3 Lava
??? 360
World 9-4.png World 9-4 Tanks
??? 360


  • Evil Lakitu (first appearance)
  • Goomba
  • Rotodisc
  • Koppa
  • Koppa Paratroppa
  • Hammer Bros
  • Fire Plant

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Monde 9 World 9
Italian Mondo 9 World 9
German Welt 9 World 9
Spanish Mundo 9 World 9
Portuguese Mondo 9 World 9
Polish Świat 9 World 9


  • In this world is the first enemy created out of the original game Evil Lakitu.
  • Softendo created a copy of Syzxchulun's world 9 in the original game, but he changed the design and difficulty of levels.

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