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World 6

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World 6
MF Map6.jpg
Developed by: Buziol Games
No. of levels: 4
Theme(s): Overworld
Pipe Maze
First appearance: Mario Forever v1.16
Previous: World 5
Next: World 7

World 6 is the sixth world found in Mario Forever and Mario Forever Remake. The whole world is a giant pipe maze with connecting warp pipes. World 6-2 is infamous for being the very first Mario Forever level to have a dedicated video on Youtube.[1] Even the castle has a maze in it.



World Map

World 6 Map

Castle cutscene

World 6 castle cutscene features Mario that escapes from the castle. After a while, the castle starts rumbling, then it shrinks horizontally and enters in a warp pipe below it.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
German Welt 6 World 6
French Monde 6 World 6
Italian Mondo 6 World 6
Polish Świat 6 World 6
Portuguese Mondo 6 World 6
Spanish Mundo 6 World 6


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