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Spiny Koopa

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Spiny Koopa
Spiny koopa.png
First developer: Buziol Games
First appearance: World 3

A Spiny is a special kind of Koopa that has spikes on its top. Spiny Koopas in the original Mario Forever are first encountered in World 3. From World 4 onwards, they become raher more common than Goomba, eventually replacing them in these world's castle level respectively (except World 5).

Spinnes are diversed in two species in the original Mario Forever:

  • The trendy red specie, which also emerges as an egg form from Lakitu.
  • Black Spinnies, a far more invincible version to Fireballs and Betroots, it originally never emerged from an egg form, however, with the Mario Forever Remake version, they also have an egg form and a unique Lakitu respectively. The only ways to out this Specie are shells, starman, blocks and metal balls.
  • Green (Mario Forever Remake-Exclusive) acts like a Red Koopa.
  • Blue (Mario Forever Remake-Exclusive) Similar to the Green Specie, although it's persumed it being emerged from a Phirana Plant with the same color, also more accelerated.
  • The attack patterns of the paraSpinnies are the opposite of Parakoopas'.