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World of Stupidity

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World of Stupidity
WOS star.png
Developed by: Softendo
No. of levels: 3
Theme(s): Overworlds
First appearance: Mario Forever v6.0
Previous: None
Next: None

World of Stupidity is an extra world found in Sylvester Stallone Zone that made its appearance in the v6.0 version of Mario Forever. The world consists of 3 over world levels that would drive anyone crazy with the massive amount of trolls the world has to offer.

Level synopsis

Preview Level Theme Level lenght (in pixels) Time
WOS-1.PNG World of Stupidity-1 Overworld ??? 360
WOS-2.PNG World of Stupidity-2 Overworld ??? 360
WOS-3.PNG World of Stupidity-3 Overworld ??? 360

Finding criteria

Near the Starman Running room, the player has to go right and until they find 3 sets of blocks separated from each other. After jumping on them carefully and they will enter Sylvester Stallone Zone, which has World of Stupidity and Frustration World in it (it is under construction). Then, they will have to go to the World of Stupidity pipe and they will be teleported to its first level.


  • Stupid Clouds (first appearance)
  • Goombas
  • Koopa Troopas
  • Koopa Paratroopas
  • Tree Rockets (first appearance)
  • Falling ? Blocks (first appearance)
  • Trolling Piranha Heads (first appearance)
  • Roto-discs


  • This world will never make an appearance in Mario Forever Remake, because of its unfair and trolling levels.
  • In version 6.0, upon entering the world, the player will receive 20 lives. In newer versions, however, they will stay with the regular amount of lives.
  • In version 7.02, finishing this world will take the player to an unused level, which has been confirmed to be one of the levels for "Frustration World" that ended up being unfinished. However, there's also a bug where touching a check point will cause all other check points to be enabled, and since the third level of this world has a trap in the check point that will result in an instant game over if the player somehow touches it due to hidden Stupid Clouds.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Monde de Stupidité World of Stupidity

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