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Block Beetroot.png
Created by: Buziol Games
First appearance: World 1

Beetroot is a power-up that made its first appearance in Mario Forever, and its other fan-games, including Mario Forever Remake. It similarly acts to the Turnips in the Super Mario series, but they instead bounce three times before going down off-screen, which can destroy Brick Blocks, enemies, and hit Bowser. It sometimes replaces the Super Mushroom if Mario is Super Mario.

The Beetroot made its appearance in World 1-3, although hidden in an invisible block. While in World 2-1, they can be found on a '?' Block. It also gives 1000 points upon collecting it.


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Once Mario collects it, he will turn to Beetroot Mario.

The Beetroot isn't commonly found on levels, but sometimes can replace Super Mushroom on certain levels, and it's often put on a Invisible Block. Once Mario collects it, he will become Beetroot Mario, who can throw three beetroots at once that can destroy Brick Blocks, enemies, and Bowser, before falling off-screen. The beetroots Mario throws can't kill:

  • Stone Spiny
  • Podoboo
  • Falling Stone
  • Long Piranha Plant (Exclusive to Mario Forever: Advance Edition)
  • Yellow Cheep Cheep
  • Blue Cheep Cheep
    • Roto-disc
    • Thwomp
    • Artillery weapons (Bullet Bill, Spike Ball, Flamethrower)
    • Stupid Cloud

If the a beetroot was thrown after the goal gate and the player reaches it, they will instantly be rewarded with 200 points.


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Names in other languages

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