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Piranha Plant Mayhem

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Piranha Plant Mayhem
MW Piranhas.png
Developer: Crist1919
Theme(s): Overworld
Pipe Maze
First appearance: Mario Forever: Minus Worlds v1.5

Piranha Plant Mayhem is the second special level added into Mario Forever: Minus Worlds. As name of level suggest, this level mostly consist of many variations of Piranha Plants: standard one, fire one, purple one and charged one.


Unlocking Criteria

To reach this level, player has to move inside last pipe in level -2-1 from right side of it (similarly to Hidden passage for World 8 in Mario Forever and Mario Forever Remake)

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Italian Regno delle Piante Piranha Piranha Plants' Kingdom
Polish Kwiatkowe Szaleństwo Flower Madness

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