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Fortress Madness

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Fortress Madness
MW Fortress Madness.png
Developer: Crist1919
Theme(s): Fortress
First appearance: Mario Forever: Minus Worlds v1.8

Fortress Madness is set of three castle levels that can be found Mario Forever: Minus Worlds. Each of Castle level consist of diffrent theme: 1-Fortress level is fiery castle, 2-Fortress is infested with Bullet Bills and Bill Blasters and 3-Fortress which is a watery castle



Bowser Battle

Each level feature a bit diffrent battle with Bowser:

  • In 1-Fortress, Bowser wields a cannon and he's able to shoot triple-flame attack, much like in Hardcore World 1 castle.
  • In 2-Fortress, Bowser moves faster and he's shooting purple flames, that insta-kills Mario, even with a powerup. Also intervals between next attacks are much shorter.
  • In 3-Fortress, Bowser moves faster and he's shooting double flames at a greater rate.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Italian Fortezze e Stranezze Fortresses and Oddities
Polish Zamkowe Szaleństwo Fortress Madness

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