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Mario Worker: The contest

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Mario Worker: The contest was a contest held between July 16 and July 31, 2014 by TheMarioVariable.


As stated in the original post:[1]

  1. Anyone can participate;
  2. There's a maximum of 4 levels (separated or together in one scenario);
  3. It's only allowed to use one of these softwares:
  4. The contest is open from July 16 to July 31 (for 2 weeks).

It is also stated that:

"There will be some awards for the best three levels.

The best three levels/scenarios will be remade with Multimedia Fusion Dev. 2 and posted in a single game.

The best level/scenario will receive an extra bonus award... Stay tuned for find it out." (sic)

The prize for the winner was being implemented in Mario Forever Remake and getting its own MF-styled map.


Not much info is known about the other contestants, their scores and levels, because it was stored in the old TheMarioVariable's website.[2]

Furthermore, the link to download the three top contestants[3] levels doesn't work anymore, but they're showcased in the results' video.[4]

1st place

Contestant: Crist1919

World name: World 0 (4 levels made with Mario Worker 2)

Score: 91.5/100

Difficulty[note 1]: 8/10

World 0-1 is a red grassland themed level. World 0-2 is a maze level, that features cave and undewater cave sections (it's not whole showcased), much like World 6-2. World 0-3 is a vertical red grassland themed level (gradually the tiles turn into common castle tiles as the player goes upwards). The player has to jump in platforms that are going down to go upwards. Since the length is fixed and Mario is forced to stay in the middle (to climb on the platforms), a lot of hazards are focused on the middle of the screen (mostly bullet bills). World 0-4 is a castle with a red foreground, since it relies in a lot of lava. The Bowser battle is similar to World 2-5's. This world later appeared in Mario Forever: Minus Worlds, by Crist1919.

2nd place

Contestant: Xyckijunwodz

World name: unnamed, TheMarioVariable referred to them using the contestant's name (3 levels made with Mario Worker 1.0)

Score: 76.5/100

Difficulty[note 1]: 8/10

Xyckijunwodz-1 is a classical grassland themed level. Xyckijunwodz-2 has three (linear) sections. It reassembles Hardcore World 1's by its blueish gradient, tight jumps and good timing gameplay. Xyckijunwodz-3 is a harder and darker version of the last level. It has a lot more of nearly-perfect jumps, many pits and many falling small platforms. Since TheMarioVariable used all of his lives to attempt this level and didn't succeed, it's not completely showcased.

3rd place

Contestant: Kevin Muller

Level name: Cave of Fire (made with Mario Worker 2)

Score: 72.5/100

Difficulty[note 1]: 6/10

Cave of Fire is a cave themed level that uses the same background and scenario from the original Mario Forever worlds (such as seen in World 1-2). There are some lava pits, but ironically fire is not the main aspect of the level.


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