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Mario Forever: Hardcore Distopia

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Mario Forever: Hardcore Distopia
MFHD MainMenu.png
Developer: TheMarioVariable
Programs used: Multimedia Fusion
# of worlds: 5
# of levels: 20

Mario Forever: Hardcore Distopia is a new Mario Forever styled game in development by TheMarioVariable. This game is a kind of homage to Mario Forever: Advance Editon, but it contains 5 new worlds, with 4 levels each. Every world in this game must be considered as a Hardcore World.


This game is made with MMF, the same program used by Buziol Games when he developed early versions of Mario Forever, and the original marioforevereditorv1.cca engine bundled with Mario Worker 1.0. Since the author needed to heavily fix the engine, he required some time in order to start to build the first levels. Hardcore World 1 is actually a remake of the authors' original first Hardcore World 1, made with Mario Worker 1.0 in mid-2010[1].


These are all worlds and levels currently featured in the game.

Name Theme
World 1 Overworld (afternoon)/Lava/Seaside
World 2 Overworld/Beach/Seaside
World 3 Starland
World 4 Skyland/Underground
World 5 Tanks


Major contributors

  • Xykijun - Sprite provider