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Mario Worker Remake

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Mario Worker Remake
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Developer: TheMarioVariable
Built with: Multimedia Fusion (v0.1 -
Clickteam Fusion (> v2.1.0.1)
Latest version: 3.0
No. of worlds: N/A
No. of levels: N/A
Download link: N/A

Mario Worker Remake (abbreviated as MWR) is a level editor program created by TheMarioVariable using a heavily fixed file of the oldest version of Buziol Games' Mario Worker still around internet. This program is not really a remake of the original level editor, but its name has been thought for match with Mario Forever Remake. Both games are usually released together, except some occasions. Mario Worker Remake works with Mario Forever Remake like the classic Mario Worker does with Mario Forever.


Much like Mario Worker, Mario Worker Remake contains a level editor, a test level and a building scenario option, but future releases will see for the first time ever a brand new map screen editor.

Level editor

The level editor basically consists in building custom levels in real Mario Forever style, and even more, since some tiles don't appear in the original Mario Forever, like desert, snow, sunset, etc. The following list contains every element that can be handled in the editor (as of version 2.1)


  • Terrain
  • Blocks
  • Tank
  • Pipe


  • Overworld
  • Underground
  • Starland
  • Snowland
  • Darkland
  • Sunset
  • Desert
  • Castle
  • BG single tiles


  • Question Blocks, Brick Blocks and power-ups


  • Common
  • Hazards
  • Items
  • Bosses


  • Level progress
  • End level gate
  • Platform marks
  • Bonus marks
  • Enemies marks
  • Warp pipes

Mario Worker Remake versions 

The following is a table which contains all versions of Mario Worker Remake developed and released.

Version Release date Description Changelog Download
October 18, 2014
This is the very first version of Mario Worker Remake. It's a heavy update of Mario Worker 1.0, and it contains new tiles, sceneries, and a brand new layout. Changes from Mario Worker 1.0:
  • The game has been completely translated from Polish to English.
  • New main menu graphics
  • The level width can now be arranged between 640 and 20000 units.
  • The background now can be changed in different themes (different gradients, underground, starland, castle).
  • A customizable (but limited) HUD is now displayed.
  • The time now can be changed.
  • In-game musics can be chosen instead of only being uploaded externally.
  • The following stuff has been added:
  • Tiles - Underground, Starland, Sunset, purple and black pipes.
  • Sceneries - Cloud, Grass, Starland, Castle.
  • Bonus - Out-of-the-box powerups.
  • Enemies - Different colored Koopas and Paratroopas, Stone Spiny Koopa.
  • Marks - Stone platform mark, more warp pipes, Red Koopa toogler, Checkpoint.
February 21, 2015
Bug fixing, new stuff.
  • The "building scenario" section has been changed, with 12 levels that can be played instead of 8.
  • Customizable gradient backgrounds is now available.
  • Default backgrounds have been edited, with the underwater one being added.
  • The level name now is displayed as the level's HUD.
  • More musics have been added.
  • The following stuff has been added:
  • Tiles - Snowland, silver pipe.
  • Sceneries - Snowland, more Starland, Lava bottom tile.
  • Bonus - Flying Poison Mushroom ? block.
  • Enemies - Fire Bro, Beetroot Bro., Silver Hammer Bro., Evil Lakitu, Thwomp, Flying Poison Mushroom, Yellow Paratroopas Rings (x4 and x8).
  • Marks - Faster and in-out Roto-Disc marks, Hammer/Fire/Beetroot/Silver Hammer bros. jumping marks.
March 1, 2015
Bug fixing regarding the scenario system.
  • The "Run as an administrator" restriction has been omitted. Now the game can be played normally.
  • External files extension have been changed from .dll to .ini, for a better saving/loading system.
  • Three new in-game musics have been added.
June 7, 2015
  • Completely new main menu;
  • More than 150 elements added in the level editor.
  • The availability to make vertical levels (max. 1440 so far).
  • New selection system for picking and placing elements;
  • New backgrounds;
  • New musics added + custom music option added again;
  • More secondary values added, like setting Bowser lifes, autoscroll and more;
June 8, 2015
Bug fixing here and there.
  • Loading a level bug fixed.
  • Loading external music bug fixed.
  • Loading water position bug fixed.
June 29, 2015
June 29, 2015
Very little bug fixing regarding a glitch that appeared when a level is loaded.
  • Load level glitch fixed.
October 7, 2016
One of the best known versions of the game.
  • Map editor added.
  • New graphics.
  • Human enemies added.
  • Swiching elements by scrolling.
  • Diffrent layout for two sections.
  • Added grass block as a platform.
  • Hamer suit power-up added.
  • Centipede platform added.
  • Browsing levels directly from editor added.
June 8, 2019
Newest version of the game so far.
  • New layout for editor.
  • New graphics.
  • Adding custom graphics is possible.
  • Changed pipes system.
  • New auto scroll options.
  • Added new values for Bowser, platforms, fish, plants.
  • Now you can choose between 1 and 8 when you place coin rings, and Koopa Troopas.
  • Map maker added in editor.
  • New scenerio maker.
  • Added new enemies.


Interestingly, in a rather unique case, v3.0 was first released as a demo version on October 1, 2018. The demo was much more limited compared to the actual version, having only a level editor and an early map editor (the latter which was updated in the actual release, being much more closer to the level editor), and the demo lacked any way of playing levels. As a result, trying to test the level would bring a note saying that the feature wasn't implemented yet and would ask the player if they wanted to quit the level editor or not. Because of this, v3.0 is the first version of Mario Worker Remake to have a demo version released before the actual version.