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Mario Worker

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Mario Worker is a level editor software used to make Mario Forever-like levels.


Older versions

Mario Worker v0.1 was the very first version of Mario Worker by Buziol Games in 2004, not much is known about since it was lost. What is known about this version is that it (obviously) had a level editor and the option to play the level, and there were no main menu and scenario maker.

Mario Worker v0.2, v0.4, v0.5b, v0.6 were the next versions of Mario Worker by Buziol Games. Much like v0.1, almost no information of them exists since these versions were lost. Because of how limited these versions could be, these could be also considered as prototype versions of Mario Worker.

1.x versions

Mario Worker v1.0 was the final version of Mario Worker ever by Buziol Games, it was made with Multimedia Fusion 1.2. This version of Mario Worker is an old and a very rarely known version of Mario Worker, and was not really advanced.

In this version, only the Polish language was available as opposed to Polish and English in the then-released versions of Mario Forever. This version did not have many features, such as being able to choose any backgrounds (and had only one background, being sky blue), and had no Bowser in it. It is the only Buziol Games version that is still available.

Mario Worker v4.0, v4.1 were an updated version of Buziol's Mario Worker, it came with Mario Forever v4.0 and v4.1 and had a different HUD and physics, and it was the first version to include Bowser in it.

Mario Worker v1.1 was the updated version of Buziol's Mario Worker v4.0 and v4.1, created by 'Broshome'. This version was nearly identical to its predecessor but had a bug where any chosen background would result only in the underwater one.

Mario Worker v4.4 is the latest version of Mario Worker, made by Softendo. The "Go to Mario Forever" button was changed to "Create Scenario" button, and some bugs were fixed.






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