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Geography Engine

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It's time to come up with an engine making the users satisfied and feel flexible with it -- The Author

Geography Engine (Remade)
Logo Remade.png
Developer: Electronic Boy
Programs used: Clickteam Fusion Developer 2.5+
Release date: Nov. 14th, 2020 (Old)
May 14th, 2021 (Remade)
Last version: b0.8
Download link: Click Here to Download


Geography Engine is the second half-originally developed MF engine developed by Electronic Boy, released on Nov. 14th, 2020, which is also the first engine that he developed from zero.

Compared with two other engine he has developed - Cauldron Engine and Star Engine, Geography Engine not only reserves the coding methods in CaE/Rainbow Engine, but intankes many advantages from other engines, which leaves the engine making creating DIY elements more convenient.

In March, 2021, due to plenty of glitches and mistakes happening on the Engine, it made the author have to remake it again, which was eventually released on May 14th, 2021 (Public Beta Edition and Low Edition for a serious bug with CTF2.5+ confirmed by Clickteam)



  • Reserves the coding in Rainbow Engine style, but has its own module patterns.
  • Runs, basically, without any inner movements provided by Clickteam Fusion and conditions of Every, in order to ensure the series of bugs caused by different threads between timer and frame can be blocked in low frame rates.
  • Supports reverse gravity with detectors. (This option has been removed from core engine and an optional one that is able to found and be gotten in modpack, but there are still some interfaces remain in the core Re-added in b0.7)
  • More accurate detect when stomping the platforms, so it's more difficult to run the bug that makes Players stand in a wrong position when they are in high speeds
  • The movements of platforms are quite so flexible that you can even make a custom path in a certain shape or range. Originally contains platform in circle movement.
  • Supports multi-players(you may and should add your own characters, but when it runs, only ONE player is allowed) as it does in SE.
  • More tight texts for numbers in HUDs, and counts without any dependences on Player 2, 3 and 4 when counting and recording amount of coins and time in maximum.
  • More accurate detectors to thoroughly keep Being Stuck Wall away from you.
  • Easier use of scrolling range: To confirm the left-top point and the right-bottom one and run with refresher mark when necessary. (In GER, you should clone and change the Area of Scroll to present expected results)
  • Bonuses can be executed by overlapping the items onto the "?" blocks.
  • Custom parameters for player makes gameplay better.


  • Due to quite a number of functions and handling of interfaces, it takes quite energy for those who want to develop more more creatively to take in relative codes.
  • High density of codes and high connection among functions make users use a bit inconveniently.
  • Although force scroller are used simpler than it does in RE, it should be run with joints for force scroller, or it doesn't work. (Now you can make it not aim to the next joint by turning on its Flag 31)
  • Some key factors will cause crashes easily (Please see "Introduction" to get more details, now it's temporarily fixed and it's not clarified how stable it will be)

Attachment by the Author

Written on Nov. 14th, 2020

The original intention to develop the engine is that I saw there are quite a lot of problems with users using RE, including Stucking Wall and poor position fixing. To fix them, and inspired by No-detector detect by Dasasdhba and dealing with Star Engine before, I, then, opened my laptop in the evening on Oct. 14th, 2020, and my Clickteam Fusion Developer 2.5+, starting my project... From primary "Application 1" to "Geography Engine", it had been almost 4 weeks due Nov. 15th, 2020, and worked on it at least 4 hours a day. So I went to bed till almost 0 o'clock these days.

However, the development was quite curvy. Because it's my first time to start from zero, I used my catty-hands to code them, and with that crazy idea began it. Yet what I think firstly remained thought, with reality more out of expection: Numbers of bugs came out continuously, lots of codes should be back to the furnace, and high reading of codes made it uncomfortable... But still, I thought if gave up, the effort were to be in the running sea. To that, I specially thank Dasasdhba that in my forehalf of development, when I asked him for help, he basically accept them and helped me with bugs and codes...With he taking his avaliable time to help me in such high pressure of study, I thought it irritating but appreciating - What was irritating was that I hurt his tree of study, but what was appreciating was that I obtained my skill upgraded with his help and my looping trying.

Finally she got her flamboyant dress, having came out on Nov. 14th, 2020

Hope this heart-fulfilled engine, developed almost from zero, could help more Mario Forever fangame makers reach their own dream of MF.

Written on Sept. 21st, 2021

It's Mid-autumn Festival. May everyone have a full, united and fortune day and enjoy the festival together

Although the engine was remade in March this year for some reasons, even though it has been remade, it still lacks of users heavily

I, personally and sincerely, have spent quantities of time on this engine, but the result does hurt me more or less

Indeed, even though the Geography Engine has been remade, its core changes still exist, especially the reverse gravity system. In some version, where the interfaces of or related to reverse gravity, that system was removed. Then after my awareness on some engines, I still kept my first-determination, and re-added it into b0.7 with more stability and have been coordinating it with other systems, making it another engine with multi-gravity after Ultra Engine Legacy.(Someone will ask me: why not try 360° gravity? I just wanna answer: Why not UEL in CTF, lol)

However, I firmly believe that in the future, no matter which game-making platform like Game Maker or Unity, those who still hope to make games with CTF can proudly say: GER comforted me and makes my game-making convenient.


View of Editions
Version Date Contains
0.8.2 Dec. 25, 2020 Bug Fixes:
  • Stuck when Mario hits the ceiling
  • Wrong moving direction for Hammer Bro
  • Disactivity when fireball is out of the frame window
  • Every dead bodies doesn't fall if there is only one instance of body having got out of the window
  • Disdetect when Player jumps from ground after previous jump
  • Jumping instances will be stuck under the ceiling
  • No sound for Red and Green Luis, and Red one will not turns back
  • Items in invisible bonus blocks for once only don't disappear after the first death
  • Play sounds when Red and Green Lui are out of the window


  • Concentrated the codes for bonuses
  • Added four different styles of spikes(Harmful Blocks), with electric coral belonging to it now.
  • Added commitments for codes for category of bonus
  • According to the author's research, now Mario's decceleration of turning back is 4, no longer 3.(In World 10 Engine, while Mario is turning back, it also activates the code for deccelerating the speed without press arrow keys, and due to 3 units when turning back and 1 unit without pressing arrow keys, it's 4 in total)
0.9 Feb. 1, 2021 Bug Fixes:
  • Mario's detectors get dislocation if he toouches the edge of window in force scroll levels
  • Bowser's abnormal movement
  • The mark of ceiling spike isn't invisible, whilst the ceiling spike doesn't follow the screen
  • The player cannot stand on the block for instances and player
  • Enemies cannot be hit
  • When fireball piranhas shoot in the same time, the movement of fireballs get glitched
  • Wrong window location when the screen shakes
  • Glitched control of player when it starts walking
  • Reverse thowmp doesn't thowmp when there is any obstacle below and near its head(While it make the origin of thowmp move upward by 1 pixel)
  • Wrong size of ice that spawned by bros hit by iceballs


  • Corrected the range of colliding the edge of window for Mario again
  • Added English description for every item folder, in order to make foreigners find and understand easier
  • Widened player's detectors for wall, with their hotspots corrected
  • Added "Element" qualifier to handle the events between ice and fire, and also recode the event of breaking the ice
  • Recode enemies' getting hurt and give in that the hammers thrown by player cannot make combo bonuses
  • Adjusted piranhas' detect of streching out
0.9.1 Wasted Bug Fixes:
  • The bullets from fireball bro/iceball bro will get position moved glitchedly when overlaping the ice block entirely and stop and explode after that weird move
  • Mario doesn't deccelerate if Fire key not pressed
  • The center of scroll locates only at (320, 240)


  • Some useless plugin-objects are removed, whilst have the event of prestart edited
  • The name of value of Mario, "重力矢量倍数(Times of Gravity in Vector)", changed to "重力方向倍数(Times of Direction of Gravity)"
  • Other Parent Object has been removed; meanwhile invisible block in water state is added
b0.1 May. 14, 2021 Remade version, from which the prefixes are "b"(Beta) or "r"(Release)

From this version on, the language shown in the engine is English (Sorry for thoroughly capital letters)

b0.2 Jun. 2, 2021 Tech Recoding
  • Low edition position offset applications in part of objects to reduce the chances of crash during running & building
  • Detection of stomping onto the stompable enemies -- to increase the accuracy of detection

Bug Fixes

  • Some stompable enemies didn't disappear after they got stomped.
b0.3 Jun. 16, 2021 Tech Recoding
  • Motion of Platform has been recoded in specification.

Added Objects

  • Platform Control - Warping and Platform Control - Destroying

Bug Fixes

  • Sounds in completing the level and bullets being launched would be activated twice.
  • When player is standing on a platform with gradual motion at the edge, he would tremble.
  • Part of bonus item would cause crashes with software. (Due to the current version of CTF, this bug could sustain for a while)
  • Some bullets from player, like fireballs and iceballs, are motionless.
b0.4 Jun. 25, 2021 Tech Recoding
  • The detection conditions of enemies has been mostly rewritten.

Technical BUG Fixed

  • The crash due to lots of objects with behaviours that contains qualifiers has been solved by take place of those qualifiers with either Foreach Loops or Objects.
b0.4.1 Jul. 15, 2021 Tech Updates
  • New storing form of Check Points
  • New method to complicate projects made with Rainbow Engine and Feather Engine
b0.4.2 Jul. 18, 2021 Bug Fixes
  • Marks "PLATFORM - MOTION REVERSE X" and "PLATFORM - MOTION REVERSE Y" don't work on the Platforms - Classic and Platforms - Circular
  • Freezing when the character is close to the edge of the screen which is decided by Force Scroller's travelling direction very much.
  • The koopas cannot be detected as "stomped success" though they are really stomped correctly in our visual views sometimes (Fixed by the method below)
  • Player cannot pass through the gaps whose width are 32pix at a low speed(Having been fixed, there remains another illogical trick - Jumping from the top of the gap)

Tech Changes

  • Group Enemies: Var 700 is added, used to make an offset on the stomping detection for each enemy(unit: pixel), meaning that the enemy's stomping detection is from the bottom(positive value) or the top(negative value) from its center of Y position.
b0.4.3 Jul. 19, 2021 Bug-fix Patch
  • Now the gap-passing gameplay can be completed, with the bug fixed in another way.
b0.5 Jul. 25, 2021 Core Change
  • The event that makes detectors offset when character gets warp-out has been removed

Tech Changes

  • Group. Physics: New value 409 has been added to determine constant directions of an object, which can be edited without any loops. And new value 410 has been added to execute actions that automatically change the directions of objects according to positions between the character and them, and with the value having been changed, execute the loop "INIT DIR" to make it work. New loop "INTERACT" has been added to run actions of overlapping between the character and those objects


  • Properties of many of bullets and effects has been changed to: Automatically - Inactive if too far from window, or Ticked - Destroy object if too far from frame, which aims to maximize the lower RAM consumption.

Bug Fixed(# Added means the bug has existed since a previous version, while $ added means the bug has existed since the engine got released)

  • #The max x-velocity of fireballs from piranhas was high and now has been reduced
  • $The coins aren't able to be gained by head hitting
  • Chain blocks crashes when turning narrowly
  • #Default option of Debug Mode is ON
  • Only the centers of Rotos exist
  • #No gravity for beets by players
  • #Hit beet items get sudden offset into question boxes
b0.5.1 Aug. 1, 2021 Tech Changes
  • New mark -- Scroll Range - All frame -- now has been added(The all-frame scroll will be turned off if marks -- Scroll - Refresh -- works)
  • The main event SCROLL now has been completely recoded, and now the smooth scroll is driven by Scroll Controller and it has been changed, too.

Bug Fixes

  • The blue and yellow Chip Chips could be killed with some bullets like fireballs
  • The environments of stomping Chip Chips were upside down
  • Some enemies directing with constant directions caused problems with their directions
  • When a physic object collides with a wall and there was a fireball explodes at the position where it collided with the wall, the second one hitting an ice block might cause the game frozen at chances probabilistically (Incompletely fixed)
  • The cloned marks used to change the properties of circular platforms couldn't work well
b0.5.2 Aug. 2, 2021 Tech Changes
  • Now all the settings of the physic objects, which makes those objects follow the ground used in tank levels, have been completely removed

Bug Fixes

  • Volcano Balls shot by Bowser didn't belong to Group. Physics
  • Score effects were displaced problematically if tank-level ground exists
  • Some specific entrances having been initialized would be placed incorrectly if they were overlapping an directional entrance
  • The effects of check points would be directed in a wrong orientation at some position that was suitable to their original direction
  • There was Chinese in behaviors of pipe blocks
  • Character would get stuck out of the ceiling blocks along X-alias at a low probability
  • Timer counted inaccurately and there would not be any sound of tips of time-out if it's lower than 100hs(half seconds)
b0.6 Aug. 11, 2021 Tech Updates
  • "Custom collision boxes"has been added: The values of objects (with qualifier "Shape") are from Var 1000 to Var 1099. The animation of collision boxes can be custom. Please refer to the objects with the qualifier and behavior COLLISION BOX to get more detailed usage.

Bug Fixes

  • The bros walked backward
  • The beetles couldn't be detected as collided and their names were BUZZLE
  • The white area at the bottom-left side of the graphic of blue koopas weren't erased
  • The fireballs didn't explode while falling down and collided ice blocks

Inner Graphic Pack

  • New graphic of fireball piranha has been added (whose stem has been updated a bit)
b0.6.1 Aug. 18, 2021 Tech Changes
  • Now the value No. 1004 of Group. Shape stores the angle before they become collision boxes, which is to prevent from detecting mistakes when rotating.

Tech Optimizations

  • Now most of objects belonging to Group. Physics, whose foreach loops were ACTIVE, are optionally changed to INIT in order to block some unnecessary lags while loading data initially.
  • Now the thowmps can smash down the bricks and ice blocks continuously.

Bug Fixes

  • When the fireballs from piranhas were out of the window, they didn't move.
  • When the launchers were launching bullet-bills, the explode effects they created were at wrong place and the bullets being launched were oriented wrongly.


  • Jumping piranhas, fire chomps, homing bullet bill, spikes, falling blocks and red fireball piranhas (Auto-homing in parabola) have been added
b0.6.2 Aug. 19, 2021 Bug Fixes
  • The mushrooms walked reversely when having appeared
  • When it's Y auto-switching scroll smoothly, it'd directly locate result position
  • Player having and having been completing the level would get hurt by touching enemies
  • Player stomping many enemies at the same time would get hurt
b0.6.3 Sept. 14, 2021 Tech Changes
  • Added collision boxes for Bowser (Caution: Do notice the controlling codes about animation)
  • To fix the bug that the lavaball will be shot with glitches when two or more shooters shoot them at the same time, the shooter, which can shoot both upward and downward, has been separated into upward one and downward one, among which the latter has been added into the modpack

Bug Fixes

  • The position of players who is exiting the pipe will be wrongly calculated
  • The player will be placed in a deadly position when it stands on a platform that has been transported once


  • Added hammer bro II, who can throw hammers twice successively
b0.7 Sept. 19, 2021 Core Changes
  • Now reverse gravity system has been re-added into the engine
  • Quantities of structures that are relative to the player have been re-coded, including but not limited: Added foreach loops for each detectors. Now all detectors of Mario can use foreach "OVERLAP" to collide obstacles.

Tech Changes

  • To ensure the security of items hit out by players, now the mushroom can be obtained only when they begin moving.
  • Graphics of fireball piranhas have been changed
  • The frame "Graphic" is now merged into "Database"
  • Added door that had been being forgotten for a long time

Tech Optimization

  • Group Bonus: Now animations of each objects belonging to the group can be called with some foreach loops
  • Warp via Pipe: Now supports reverse gravity system, and var 205 is used to get height of player before warping

Bug Fixes

  • Player might be stuck to death when standing on the chain-blocks
b0.7.1 Sept. 25, 2021 Tech Changes
  • New object "FLOORING OBSTACLE" has been added

Tech Optimization

  • A mini change of main event SCROLL where a new foreach loop POS-FIX has been added into the event to force to lock the camera center to player's position at some specific situations.
  • Custom qualifiers has been added

Bug Fixes

  • There were only three effect objects of brick when it got hit.
  • Players couldn't pass through the gap of 32pix width(Also the animation of player detector has been changed, and please do not edit its animation speed and keep it 0)
b0.7.2 Sept. 29, 2021 Tech Changes
  • New qualifier "Traps" has been added, containing trap-like objects(like spikes and lava) and use the value 702 to separate each damage type like one in the group "Enemies"

Bug Fixes

  • FORCED SCROLL object didn't home the joints automatically.
  • Player on the platform was able to leave away from the edge of screen.
  • Sometimes the bricks didn't restore their states (Incompletely fixed)


  • The qualifier of BLOCK ENEMIES has been updated to Bad(Traps) with their behaviors edited
  • Added falling ice spike
b0.7.3 Oct. 11, 2021 Tech Changes
  • The events in each trigger are now moved into Event Area object, which do not belong to Group. Area at any more

Tech Optimizations

  • The section of character hitting the bonus blocks has been preciser

Bug Fixes

  • Poison mushroom could kill the character even if he/she's completed the level
  • Issue of drawing depth of ceiling spikes(which was not in front of every objects in the same layer)
  • When player jumped near the edge of window and hit a bonus block, he/she would get stuck out of the block horizontally
b0.8 Oct. 19, 2021 Tech Optimizations
  • The settings and algorithm of some objects has been optimized
  • A new flag "MEMORY_SAVING MODE", which can only be edited in the frame editor mode, has been added into the main event object. It can make physical instances out of the window deactivated
  • New three strings -- PLAYER CAN JUMP HIGHER, PLAYER JUMPS PRECISELY and PRESS DOWN TO FALL QUICKLY -- has been added into level data storage object, into which the previous flag GO THROUGH GAP SAFELY in PLAYER DETECTOR has been transformed. "y" means enabled while "n" disabled
  • New string -- PLAYER CUSTOM C_BOX -- used to decide whether users can make their custom c-boxes to the player's character, has been added, with the same meaning of its value as previous one

Bug Fixes

  • The name of group COLLIDABLE ENEMIES has been changed to COLLIDABLE INSTANCES
  • Three rows of blocks have been added into the top of the graphic of ceiling spikes in order to make up the leak of what it used to be
  • The generator of yellow koopa troopas has been recoded to make it generate them immidiately