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Rainbow Engine

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Lyh's Rainbow Engine
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Developer: Lyh
Programs used: Clickteam Fusion
Release date: N/A
Last version: RC
Download link: Baidu.com

Rainbow Engine is a Mario Forever-styled game engine developed by Lyh. Like most other MF engines, Rainbow Engine is a heavy-edited version of the original marioforevereditorv1.cca source, fully adapted for users who don't know how to code objects in Clickteam Fusion. This is one of two main Mario Forever engines usable by everyone, with the other being Syzxchulun's World 10 Engine.


Rainbow Engine contains mainly everything from original Mario Forever (even from 6.0 version), plus a lot of additional contents seen in World 9 and and even never-before-seen stuff. Codes used in this engine are far different from W10 engine, and some stuff is even remade from scratch.

Engine usage

Versions history

Version Release date Changelog Download
January 31, 2014
August 7, 2015
  • Fixed the "WORLD x-x" sprite.
  • Fixed the "obtained coin" animation if it's in underwater areas.
  • Repaired moving shells when used alone does not appear until the position is placed on.
  • Fireballs spit by enemies will disappear off-screen.
  • Fixed Hammer Bro./Fire Bro./Beetroot Bro. attacking system.
August 18, 2015
  • Fixed number 1 sprite GFX.
  • Circular Cheep Cheeps corrected.
  • Fixed Podoboo Fountain intervals.
  • Added "Change music (MIDI)" mark.
  • Fixed engine and MIDI format music incompatibilities.
  • Fixed music issue after the water splash sound is played.


Only Windows platform supports MIDI music. Invincible time after the pause continues from MIDI music played from the beginning instead.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Chinese 永远的马里奥彩虹引擎
Yǒngyuǎn de Mǎlǐào Cǎihóng Yǐnqíng
Mario Forever Rainbow Engine
Italian Base Arcobaleno di Lyh Lyh's Rainbow Base

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