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Mario Forever: Polish Letter Worlds

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Mario Forever: Polish Letter Worlds
Developer: Crist1919
Programs used: Clickteam Fusion
# of worlds: 12 (8 main, 4 extras)
# of levels: 58 (40 main, 18 extras)

Mario Forever: Polish Letter Worlds is a Mario Forever-styled fangame developed by Crist1919.


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The following is a table which contains all versions of Mario Forever: Minus Worlds developed and released.

Version Release date Description Changelog Download
October 7, 2018
First version of the game.
  • Worlds Ą, Ć, Ę, Ł, Ń, Ó added.
  • World ? as an extra.
  • Frustation worlds 1 and 2.
  • Levels Koopas and Super Airships! as extras.

Music Edited:[2]

May 31, 2019
The newest version of the game so far.
  • New polish worlds Ś, Ź added.
  • World Spiky Advenrure as an extra added.

Music Edited:[4]

Worlds and levels

Name Theme Author First appearance (version)
World Ą Overworld/Underwater/Rain/Castle Crist1919 1.0
World Ć Skyland/Forest(?)/Castle
World Ę Night/Starland
World Ł Spikes/Overworld/Underwater/Sunset/Darkland
World Ń Night/Underground/Tanks/Darkland/Castle
World Ó Overworld/Tiles/Underground/Skyland/Afternoon/Castle
World Ś Wind/Snowland/Christmas/Castle 1.5
World Ź Volcano/Lava/Underwater/Underground/Castle
World ? Overworld/Skyland/Sunset/Tiles/Castle 1.0
Frustration World 1 Darkland/Overworld/Castle
Frustration World 2 Starland/Night/Underground/Castle
Spiky Adventure Skyland/Desert/Forest/Autumn/Castle 1.5
Name Theme Author First appearance (version)
Super Airships! Air/Darkland/Space(?) Crist1919 1.0
Koopa Sunset(?)/Overworld

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Mario Forever: Polskie Światy Literowe Mario Forever: Polish Letter Worlds

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