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Mario Forever: An Unprecedented Expedition

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Mario Forever: An Unprecedented Expedition
AUE040 cover.png
The game's title screen
Developer: WSW
Built with: Clickteam Fusion
Latest version: 0.4.3
No. of worlds: 4 (currently)
No. of levels: over 40 (currently)
Download link: N/A

Mario Forever: An Unprecedented Expedition is a Mario Forever game developed by WSW.


Mario Forever: An Unprecedented Expedition development started around 2015. It was initially a game to include features the author didn't realized in WSW World. In 2015, an introduction webpage was set up, and in June 2016, the first playable preview version contains 3 levels was released. In September 12, 2020, version 0.4 with the first 4 worlds and most of the features was released in Chinese MF Community for bug testing, and in the morning of October 5, 2020[1], it was released worldwide.

Worlds and Levels

Mario Forever: An Unprecedented Expedition currently contains 4 worlds and over 40 levels.

Name Theme Included in Version # of levels
World 1 grassland 0.4 8
World 2 desert 0.4 10
World 3 snowland 0.4 11
World 4 beachside 0.4 10

*The numbers of levels do not contain bonus rooms, minigames and hidden levels.

Version Changelog

Major Version Version Release Date Changes Notes
0.4 0.4.0 9/12/2020 First release, contains first 4 worlds. For small range bug testing.
0.4.0 Update 1 9/12/2020 Fixed the initial inventory problem in some cases.
0.4.0 Update 2 9/12/2020
  1. Fixed pipe warps not working in World 4 map.
  2. Fixed golden bricks breaking into brown pieces in World 2.
  3. Fixed shells cannot break bricks when Mario is Small Mario.
0.4.0 Update 3 9/13/2020
  1. Fixed game crash when read some save files.
  2. Fixed wrong game-over count.
  3. Fixed Small Mario stuck into bridge in 3-7 when getting Star Coin 2.
  4. Fixed iceballs cannot calculated into score when completing the game.
  5. Fixed layer problems in 4-1 and 4-6.
  6. Fixed some progress calculation problems.
  7. Fixed no BGM when rebirth after checkpoint in 3-2
0.4.0 Update 4 9/13/2020
  1. Cut down requirements of some achievements, especially those who can't be achieved in current version.
  2. Fixed infinite death in 3-Ghost House when rebirth after the final check point.
  3. Fixed passage issue in 4-Castle.
  4. Fixed star coins automatically get in some cases.
  5. Fixed +clock, superstar and P-wings usability issue in bonus games and shops.
  6. Possibly fix infinite death in shops in some cases.
0.4.0 Update 5 9/13/2020
  1. Modified Mario's movement.
  2. Fixed the logical problem of a puzzle level (The star coin influenced will be reset).
  3. Modified the star coin 1 of 4-6.
  4. Modified the efficiency of reading save file.
0.4.1 9/18/2020
  1. Fixed the problem that when Mario touch the goal as Statue Mario and the player keep on pressing down, Mario will move right as Statue Mario.
  2. Fixed the solid issue of a pipe in 4-1.
  3. Fixed the problem that spotlights sometimes do not activate (The star coin influenced will be reset).
  4. Fixed some spelling issues.
  5. Fixed the problem that sometimes Small Mario can break bricks.
  6. Fixed the problem that Player can get no death bonus even when died after check point.
0.4.1 Update 1 9/19/2020
  1. Fixed leaf icon in 3-G.
  2. Fixed the passage issue in 2-5.
  3. Fixed the bug that Mario can swim as Statue Mario.
  4. Modified Mario's movement on platforms.
0.4.2 9/20/2020
  1. Updated dialogs of zqh, removed some misleading information (Some of the levels mentioned and number of star coins are wrong.)
  2. Fixed further platform issues.
  3. Fixed missing blocks in some levels.
0.4.2 Update 1 9/20/2020
  1. Fixed remaining dialog problem of zqh.
  2. Fixed bugs introduced in V0.4.2.
0.4.2 Update 2 9/20/2020
  1. Fixed that the Angry Sun sometimes does not appear fully.
  2. Fixed the small flaw of background of 2-6.
  3. Fixed the problem with Tanooki Mario.
0.4.3 10/4/2020
  1. Fixed that Boom Boom can sometimes fly out of top border of the level.
  2. Fixed star coins automatically get in some cases.
  3. Fixed the display problems of levels in the world map.
  4. Fixed tile issue in World 3-3.
  5. Fixed star coin icons sometimes disappear.
  6. Fixed the problem that you need to hit the save block to see the achievements even when you have chosen a save in Save Game Room
  7. Beetroot cannot interact with save blocks in Save Game Room
  8. Fixed some sound problems.
  9. Fixed the issue that Mario can pierce through solid platforms when stepping on a falling platform.
  10. Modified Mario's movements on platforms.
  11. Updated Info AUE.
0.4.3 Update 1 10/7/2020
  1. Fixed the sound and display problem when passing the level with 0 time bonus.
  2. Fixed the Boom Booms of World 4 disappearing sometimes.
  3. Fixed the problem that chests of Yellow Bonus Room sometimes opened with no items.
  4. Fixed the icon problem of World 4 map.
  5. Fixed the disappearance of the star coins get when playing some levels.
0.4.4 10/16/2020
  1. Adjust the condition of Scorer series achievements
  2. Fixed the problem of Mario being not able to push ice blocks in some levels.
  3. Fixed the layer issue of Boos.
  4. Fixed no level complete bonus in 3-C
0.4.5 5/4/2021
  1. Fixed the bug that when entering any green mushroom house after quitting a level by pressing F3, Mario will infinitely die.
  2. Fixed the issue that star coin 2 in World 2-5 cannot be get.
  3. Fixed the sound effect issue that appears after completing a level that you died after checkpoint.
  4. Adjusted the save system.



  • Weather effect: Sergio Andre
  • Effects adapting CF 2.5+: dasasdhba
  • Mario Forever Factory Engine by DET Factory
  • Untra Engine by dasasdhba


Many of the sprites have been redesigned but the ones who made the original sprites are also listed.

  • Biddybuds: KrusperButter
  • Boss Basses: ArnuroMinigon
  • Open-source Mario Forever engines, including: Carldron Engine by LazyRabbit, Rainbow Engine Pro by gurCD 0x=1 Engine by 0xequals1.
  • SMBX GFX PACK by Red Yoshi + supermarioman
  • Mario Fan Games Galaxy


  • Yamamura's Dojo - Super Mario Maker 2
  • Castle - Super Mario 64
  • World Map - Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga
  • Overworld - Super Mario Bros
  • The Breeze of Petal Meadows - Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door
  • Underground - Super Mario Bros
  • Castle - Super Mario Bros
  • Lineland Road - Super Paper Mario
  • Overworld 2 - Super Mario Bros 3
  • Castle & Fortress Theme - Yoshi's Island
  • Tilt Island - Super Paper Mario
  • Rubble Ruins - Newer Super Mario Bros.
  • Gritzy Desert - Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time
  • Walking the Hot Desert - New Super Mario Bros
  • Desert Ruins - Super Mario 3D Land
  • Ghost House - Super Mario World
  • Desert - Newer Super Mario Bros.
  • NGC Dry Dry Desert - Mario Kart 8
  • Desert Theme (Super Mario Bros) - Super Mario Maker 2
  • Conkdor Canyon - Super Mario 3D World
  • Tower Tweeter - Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
  • Chi no Iro wa Ki Iro - Touhou Project: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody
  • Earth Vellumental Temple - Paper Mario: The Origami King
  • Easton Kingdom - Super Mario Land
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  • Snow Mountain - Super Mario 64
  • Mushroom Waltz - New Super Mario Bros
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  • Top-Hat Tower - Super Mario Odyssey
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  • Ghost House (Super Mario Bros) - Super Mario Maker
  • Tundra Man Stage - Megaman 11
  • Snow Overworld - New Super Mario Bros. U
  • Space Junk Road - Super Mario Galaxy
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  • Beachside Dream - Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
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  • Bonus Game - Super Mario World
  • Shop - Legend of Zelda The Ocarina of Time


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