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Lightning Editor

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Lightning Editor
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Developer: 2233
Programs used: Clickteam Fusion Developer 2.5
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Lightning Editor is a PC level editor based on a fangame Mario Forever on one of the most popular Nintendo games, Super Mario Bros. The editor has been developed by 2233The level editor takes its name from its save&load speed.

2233 description

This is a Mario Forever level editor by me. I made this for helping people who does not know how to program engines or has problems with Fusion or else.


Lightning Editor versions

Lightning Editor has 2 versions currently.

The following is a table which contains all known versions of Lightning Editor developed and released.

Version Release date Description Changelog Download
September 30, 2016
This is the first version of Lightning Editor. It is very unstable, so it's not recommended. N/A
October 16, 2016
The update of v1.0. It's more stable. New features are;Map editor,Rain and snow,ONLINE LEVELS FEATURE: You can upload levels online and play them with codes like SMM,New scenario system,Flamethrowers,Volcano,Gear powerup,Poison Pirahnas,More blocks,New pipe link system N/A