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In order to make this wiki good and fun to read, all of the rules are listed here for all editors to follow before starting their contributions.

  • You need to have some knowledge of the game (it is called the Mario Forever wiki, after all).
  • Do not harass, stalk, insult anyone. Keep your behavior civil and treat everyone with respect.
  • Do not add hoaxes, speculation or parody content to pages. Make sure your contributions to articles are verifiable. We do not want to spread misinformation on the game that the wiki is about.
  • Do not spam, vandalize or otherwise edit disruptively.
  • Do not advertise other wikis or unrelated projects.
  • Off-topic content is forbidden. If the described content is close to Mario Forever in terms of music and developers, then it is allowed, as long as the information provided is brief.
  • In order to contribute to the wiki, you have to be not younger than 13. Otherwise, the account will be blocked until you turn 13.
  • Content in articles should be in no other language than English. If the content in foreign language is official (e.g. a quote from the developer), a translation should be provided.
  • Accounts with provocative, offensive, misleading and otherwise inappropriate usernames may be blocked indefinitely.

Editors who break the rules above will be penalized. The list of penalties includes warning on the user talk page and block (temporal or permanent), depending on the weight of actions and number of broken rules.