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Bowser's Revenge (game)

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Bowser's Revenge (game)
The game's title screen(version 0.5)
Developer: mario2233
Built with: Clickteam Fusion
Latest version: 0.5
No. of worlds: 3 (3 main (estimated for the beta))
No. of levels: 12
Download link: [1]

Bowser's Revenge is a Mario Forever-styled fangame developed by mario2233. The game is made with Clickteam Fusion, using Lyh's Rainbow Engine (a heavily-modified version). This time, roles of Mario and Bowser are reversed, with Bowser being the playable character, and Mario,Luigi and Peach being the bosses.


Name Theme Author Progress
World 1 Grassland mario2233 Completed
World 2 Starland mario2233 Completed
World 3 Space/Winter mario2233 Completed
World 4 ? mario2233 TBA
World 5 ? mario2233 TBA
World 6 ? mario2233 TBA
World 7 ? mario2233 TBA
World 8 ? mario2233 TBA