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Mario Forever: Great Bowser's Castle

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Mario Forever: Great Bowser's Castle
GBC Titlescreen.png
The game's main menu.
Developer: User:Crist1919
Programs used: Multimedia Fusion 2.0 Developer
# of worlds: 1
# of levels: 8 (6 main, 2 extras)

Mario Forever: Great Bowser's Castle is a game made by User:Crist1919. The game's main theme is set in multiple castles with different iterations, like lasers, water and lava.


Development of Great Bowser's Castle started in January 2015. With this title Crist1919 wanted to celebrate 200 subscriptions. However due to lack of time and problems with engine, project was left. However in January 2016 the project was bring back with new Mario & Luigi Forever engine with Luigi being introduced second time in Mario Forever game.

Worlds and levels

Game consist of 8 levels in total - 6 of them are part of World Bowser, while rest of them are bonus levels.

Name Theme Author First appearance (version)
World Bowser Castle/Lava/Underwater/Castle Tower Crist1919 1.0
Name Theme Author First appearance (version)
Blast from Past Castle/Lasers Crist1919 1.0
Defenitely not -1-4 Castle Crist1919 1.0


  • TheMarioVariable - Map screen, World Bowser-2 lasers coding.
  • Achiro Himuro - Most of Graphics.
  • Mario Worker - Title screen graphics.
  • Phantom Sapphire - Graphics.
  • Xykijun - Graphics and Blast from Past level recreation.

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