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Mario Forever Advance Remake

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Mario Forever Advance Remake
Developer: Mario Forever Remake Group (China)
Built with: Clickteam Fusion (v1.0 - current)
Latest version: 1.5
No. of worlds: 17 (8 main, 9 extras)
No. of levels: 75 (32 main, 43 extras)
Download link: [1]

Mario Forever Advance Remake (often known as Mario Forever: Advance Edition Remake, often abbreviated as MFAR or MFAER), as the name may suggest, is a full remake of the game Mario Forever: Advance Edition, developed by Mario Forever Remake Group (China) . The game has been developed by using a heavily fixed version of a file found in the folder of a really old version of Mario Worker. This remake is intended to be an unofficial update of Mario Forever Advance Edition, which is the latest that uses the same layout as Mario Forever Advance Remake. The game is made with Clickteam Fusion 2.5.

Mario Forever Advance Remake versions 

The following is a table which contains all versions of Mario Forever Advance Remake and relative details developed and released.

Version Release date Changelog Thread
Aug 19, 2016

Compared with original Mario Forever Advance Edition

  • Game Save Room: Deleted all the secrets which can't be unlocked (Such as 'passage to 8-1')
  • Game Save Room: Corrected some wrong words (Such 'Cost 1 [live]' 'Game is [to] hard')
  • Map: Fixed that the application program usually crash in the map frame when you open the effect option
  • 1-3: Deleted the podoboo, aesthetic can't hold it
  • 2-1: Fixed: all the long piranha plant in cliff can't loop
  • 2-4: Fixed: if Mario has ever died this level, then the next time you play and enter the secret chamber, your Mario will die because of the scroll (3-4 and 4-3 and so on have also fixed)
  • 2-4: Fixed: you can see some spiny koopa in the secret chamber, actually, these some spiny koopa are come from the land above
  • 2-4: Mario may get stuck (3-4 has also fixed)
  • 4-1: Fixed that the Lakitu's resurrection Y Position will be changed when the Lakitus be killed (4-3 and 5-3 and HardCore 2-1 has also fixed)(9-2 also)
  • 4-3: Fixed that the top left corner hasn't been closed that Mario can jump out and get die
  • 5-3: Fixed that the two Lakitu which both getting closer to the top edge wouldn't throw down spiny koopa
  • 6-3: Fixed that the superman can't kill the hammer bro (8-4 also)
  • 6-3: Fixed that Mario will die when enter the secret chamber
  • 6-4: Fixed that the maze transition can't deliver the fireball and beetroot
  • 7-1: Fixed that the first cannon can't shoot
  • 7-2: Fixed that the dead green cheep hurts Mario
  • 7-3: Fixed that when Mario gets resurrection on Checkpoint, the water's Y position will be wrong, it will cause the game to be unable to carry on
  • 7-4: Fixed that the Bowser can't shoot flame when the effect close (HardCore 1-4 also)
  • 8-2: Fixed that the wheels are uncovered (8-4 also)
  • 8-4: Fixed that the progress bar of Koopa's lives shows the wrong info
  • 8-4: Fixed that when the Bowser looking to the right, three layers of flame will be abnormal
  • HardCore 1-3: Fixed that the Red koopa get stuck and cross through the wall
  • The Lost Map: Fixed that the levels can't be completed when the effect closed
  • Goomba Party: Fixed that the last '? Block' is uncovered
  • Funny Tanks?: Fixed that the Twomp judges wrong
Feb 6, 2017
  • Fixing some bugs in drawings of remade levels.
  • The falling characteristic of enemies is amended to be consistent with the original game.
  • New levels available: Koopa the Devastator Level & Koopa Troopa Liberation.
  • Including New world 12 Advanced Edition.
  • Including New world 13 Advanced Edition.
  • Adding world U made by Nmnmoooh.
  • Optimizing music stuff and displaying effects.
  • Revising other details.

Worlds and levels

Mario Forever Advance Remake, much like the original, contains eight basic worlds, as well as numerous extra worlds and levels, accessible from the Save Game Room, or from some levels of the main game. The number of total extra worlds and levels is bigger than original Mario Forever.


These are all worlds and levels currently featured in the game.

Original Mario Forever
Name Theme Author First appearance (version)
World 1 Overworld/Underground/Rockland Syzxchulun, LongZongKuiYan 1.0
World 2 Overworld/Underwater Syzxchulun, HappyLee_12, LongZongKuiYan, OnceBeta 1.0
World 3 Starland/Underground Syzxchulun, LongZongKuiYan, WSW 1.0
World 4 Skyland Syzxchulun, LongZongKuiYan 1.0
World 5 Overworld (afternoon)/Fastrun Syzxchulun, Lyh, LongZongKuiYan 1.0
World 6 Pipe maze Syzxchulun, LongZongKuiYan, WSW, OnceBeta 1.0
World 7 Beach/Underwater Syzxchulun, LongZongKuiYan 1.0
World 8 Darkland/Tanks Syzxchulun, SimilarFANA, LongZongKuiYan 1.0
Human Laboratory World Overworld/Overcast Anding7, 风华正茂999999 1.0
The Lost Map Skyland/Underwater Anding7, 风华正茂999999 1.0
Hardcore Worlds Overworld (afternoon) Anding7, 风华正茂999999, WSW 1.0
Name Theme Author First appearance (version)
Goomba Party Sunset (?) LongZongKuiYan 1.0
Funny Tanks? Tanks LongZongKuiYan 1.0
Koopa Troopa Liberation Skyland OnceBeta, LongZongKuiYan, WSW 1.5
Koopa the Devastator level Castle Anding7, 风华正茂999999 1.5
Mario Forever Remake Group
Name Theme Author First appearance (version)
World 9 Sunset/Starland/Volcanic/Tank Syzxchulun 1.0
World 10 Snow/Underwater/Underground/Castle Syzxchulun 1.0
World 12 Desert/Underwater Syzxchulun, Anding7, LongZongKuiYan 1.5
World 13 Skyland/Airship Syzxchulun, Nmnmoooh, LongZongKuiYan, OnceBeta 1.5
World U Underground/Night/Underwater/Lava nmnmoooh 1.5

To be Added

These are all the worlds/levels that will be added.

Mario Forever Remake Group
Name Theme Author First appearance (version)
World 11 N/A Mario Forever Remake Group (China) Next Version

Mario Forever Remake Group (China)


  • Syzxchulun
  • Lyh (虹原翼,Original Name: lyh娘)
  • HappyLee_12
  • Anding7 (俺滴娘7)
  • 风华正茂999999
  • Longzongkuiyan (巃嵸巋巚)
  • OnceBeta
  • similarFANA (Original Name: 死不了兜着走)
  • nmnmoooh
  • WSW (无视我……)
  • shasdo
  • soig (海外陆客)

Staff Roll (Credits)


  • Syzxchulun


  • Syzxchulun
  • LongZongKuiYan

Engine Developer:

  • Michal (Buziol) Gdaniec
  • Syzxchulun
  • Lyh
  • TheMarioVariable
  • OnceBeta
  • WSW

Level Remaker:

  • Syzxchulun
  • HappyLee_12
  • lyh
  • SimilarFANA
  • Anding7
  • 风华正茂999999
  • LongZongKuiYan
  • OnceBeta
  • WSW

Level Designer:

  • Syzxchulun
  • Anding7
  • LongZongKuiYan
  • Nmnmoooh
  • OnceBeta
  • WSW

Game Tester:

  • shasdo
  • soig

Special Thanks

  • Nintendo
  • Buziol Games
  • Baidu Mario Forever Bar
  • JDSshark
  • 551969070
  • Doku Kinoko VN (毒蘑菇vn)
  • MLAALM (马里奥奥里马)
  • Mario Forever Remake Group (Europe)

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