World 4

World 4 is the fourth world found in Mario Forever and Mario Forever Remake. The world takes place in the sky, with many smiley clouds. This world features the only autoscroll level of the game (not counting tank levels).

World 4
MF Map4.jpg
Developer: Buziol Games
Theme(s): Skyland
First appearance: Mario Forever v1.15



Castle cutscene

World 4 castle cutscene is the same as World 1's. It involves Mario that escapes from the castle. After a while, the castle breaks in millions of stones.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Monde 4 World 4
Italian Mondo 4 World 4
German Welt 4 World 4
Spanish Mundo 4 World 4
Portuguese Mondo 4 World 4
Polish Świat 4 World 4

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