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Multimedia Fusion is a multimedial software-creator application developed by the software company Clickteam. The program allows the users to build and test their own softwares thanks to simple code languages made by the user itself. Most famous games made with Multimedia Fusion include the Five Night at Freddy's series. This is the program used by Buziol Games, as well as other Mario Forever users, for build Mario Forever and subsequent fangames based on it.


The Fusion series was designed to be a user-friendly yet powerful drag-and-drop game and application creation program, easily accessible to either those well-versed or inexperienced in programming.

The "Fusion" series

Throughout the years, Multimedia Fusion has been updated by adding (mostly changing, instead) numerous features that let the user easily making his hand-made softwares. The vaious versions of the program make the "Fusion" series. This series contains every version of MMF, plus a sub-category called "TGF", "The Games Factory", which works almost like MMF, but it focuses more on making games than other multimedial softwares.

Multimedia Fusion

Multimedia Fusion 1.2

Multimedia Fusion 1.5

Multimedia Fusion 2.0

Clickteam Fusion 2.5

Released in early 2013, the newest version of Multimedia Fusion presents some new features, which are both drastic and slight. One of the notable changes is that the product's name has been changed; the "Multimedia" word has been omitted, with the company's name being added instead, finally calling it: "Clickteam Fusion 2.5". CTF2.5's layout remain highly the same, but users now can change the "Event Editor" layout in different styles, as well as having updated the old one.

The Games Factory

The Games Factory 1

The Games Factory 2

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