Mario Worker: Letter Worlds Series/World W

World W is the twenty-third world found in User:Mariovariable3410's Mario Worker: Letter Worlds Series. It's made up of 5 levels which are mostly afternoon overworld-related. First level is a overworld, second is a overworld/skyland, third is an underwater, fourth is a fastrun, and fifth is a ghost castle.

World W
World W - map.png
Developer: User:Mariovariable3410
Theme(s): Overworld
Ghost House
First appearance: Mario Worker: Letter Worlds Series

Level synopsis

Preview Level Theme Level length (in pixels) Time
  World W-1 Overworld ??? 360
  World W-2 Overworld
??? 360
  World W-3 Underwater ??? 700
  World W-4 Fastrun ??? 360
  World W-5 Ghost Castle ??? 700


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Retro Worlds

  • World I-2
  • World D-2
  • World C-1

Castle cutscene

More infos about this world's cutscene can be found here.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Monde W World W
Italian Mondo W World W
German Welt W World W
Spanish Mundo W World W
Portuguese Mondo W World W
Polish Świat W World W

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