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Mario Worker: Letter Worlds Series

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Mario Worker: Letter Worlds Series
Developer: User:Mariovariable3410
Programs used: (until World H)
Dunami Mario Forever Engine (Worlds I and J)
marioforevereditorv1.cca (Worlds F, G and since K)
# of worlds: 26
# of levels: 126

Mario Worker: Letter Worlds Series (often abbreviated as Letter Worlds Series, or MW: LWS) is User:Mariovariable3410's main series of Mario Forever-styled levels, and the first one with actual Mario Forever physics. One of the most notable features is that worlds don't have a number, like they always do, but letters instead, hence the name. The series started early in 2010, with Mario Worker 1.0, a very old and not-so-known version of the actual Mario Forever level editor. That editor has physics more similar to original Mario Forever, so the author decided to start the series there, although he initially planned to start it with the common Mario Worker 1.1.


MW:LWS, as mentioned before, started in May 2010, with Mario Worker 1.0. In just 1 week the author made the first three worlds: A, B and C. There were planned next two worlds (D and E), but they were scrapped, at least until 2012, where they have been recreated with a new design. In February 2012, Mariovariable discovered the lost marioforevereditorv1.cca file inside Mario Worker 1.0's directory folder, and he opened it with MM. After some edits, he was finally able to open it in MMF2.0, where he decided to continue the series with it, and he made Worlds F and G. Once MMF2's trial period expired, Mariovariable had to continue the series on Mario Worker 1.0, woth World H made with that editor. In the meantime, Radel999 developed a fully hand-made Mario Forever Engine, and he suggested to Mariovariable to use it for his next Letter Worlds. Once Mariovariable found a new trial version of MMF2 Dev., he started to use this engine, making Worlds I and J. Syzxchulun, a Chinese guy who became popular for have made the famous Syzxchulun's World 9 at the time, helped Mariovariable on making World K with his heavily fixed marioforevereditorv1.cca file. Since that, Mariovariable3410 continued making his Letter Worlds with this engine, and he's using this so far.


Letter Worlds are developed exclusively by Mariovariable3410, without any help (in level designs, obviously), as well as suggestions, like it always been. Themes, designs, item placements, etc., are all chosen by its exclusive author. Help has been give in graphics, such letters for map HUDs, provided by Rock357, and some elements are given also by other members of the MFRGT, as well as some beta testing from User:Crist1919.

Letter Worlds

These are all Letter Worlds developed and/or released so far.
NOTE: fan-made worlds made by other users are not counted, since those aren't part of the series.

Letter Worlds
Letter World # of levels Theme Program/editor used Release date Download
World A 6 Overworld/Underground Mario Worker 1.0 May 20-25, 2010 N/A
World B 2 Beach/Hillside May 25-26, 2010 N/A
World C 4 Skyland/Underground May 26-28, 2010 N/A
World D 5 (originally 3) Overworld/Starland/Skyland February 11-17, 2012 N/A
World E 1 Rockland February 21, 2012 N/A
World F 5 Overworld/Lava/Underground marioforevereditorv1.cca[1] February 26, 2012 N/A
World G 3 (originally 4) Skyland/Underground/Rain G-1: January 21, 2013

G-2: February 28, 2013
G-3: April 26, 2013

World H 4 Skyland Mario Worker 1.0 August 3, 2013 [1]
World I 4 Starland/Night/Skyland Dunami Mario Forever Engine August 15, 2013 [2]
World J 5 Journey September 5-10, 2013 [3]
World K 3 Snow/Beach marioforevereditorv1.cca[2] K-1: September 28, 2013

K-2: October 6, 2013
K-3: October 11, 2013

World L 5 Pipe maze January 14, 2014 [5]
World M 5 Overworld/Spiked ceiling/Rockland May 17, 2014 [6]
World N 5 Underground/Underwater July 17, 2014 [7]
World O 4 Starland October 5, 2014 [8]
World P 6 Beach/Mountain/Piranha Plants February 7, 2015 [9]
World Q 4 Snow April 13, 2015 [10]
World R 3 Rain marioforevereditorv1.cca[3] August 29, 2015 [11]
World S 7 Space/Sunset/Rainbow February 25, 2016 [12]
World T 5 Desert/Beach/Skyland September 1, 2016 [13]
World U 4 Snow/Night/Mountain March 1, 2017 [14]
World V 4 Lava/Volcano April 8, 2017 [15]
World W 5 Overworld (afternoon)/Skyland/Underwater/Fastrun/Ghost House October 2, 2017 [16]
World X 10 Mixed(including hybrid enemies)theme:Overworld/Underground/Rockland/

Mushroom plain/Underwater/Desert/Night+Space/Lava Castle

July 27, 2018 [17]
World Y 5 Darkland/Underground/Rain October 25, 2019 [18]
World Z 12 Skull/Underground Pool/Dark Sky/Lava Castle/Chariot/Tank/Forest/Forest Fortress/Tank+Airship/Chain/Volcano/Bowser Castle May 16, 2020 [19]
  1. Early discovered version.
  2. Syzxchulun's fix.
  3. Mariovariable's fix.


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Chinese 马里奥制作者:字母世界系列 Mario Worker: Letter World Series
French Mario Worker: Série de Mondes Alphabetique Mario Worker: Alphabet Worlds' Series
Italian Mario Worker: Serie dei Mondi Lettera Mario Worker: Letter Worlds' Series
Spanish Mario Worker: Series des Mundos Letra Mario Worker: Letter Worlds' Series
Russian Марио Рабочий: Серии буквенных миров Mario Worker: Letter World Series
Polish Mario Worker: Seria Literowych Światów Mario Worker: Letter World Series


  • This is the longest Mario Forever custom levels' series so far, with 26 worlds and 126 different levels.
  • This is the oldest Mario Forever-styled custom levels' series. Mario Worker 1.1 levels made by other users before 2010 haven't Mario Forever physics, so they're not counted.

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