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Mario Forever Remake

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Mario Forever Remake
MFR Logo v3.png
The game's logo (as of version 3.0)
Developer: User:Mariovariable3410
Mario Forever Remake Group Team
Programs used: Multimedia Fusion (v0.1 - 2.2)
Clickteam Fusion (v2.3 - 2.7)
Clickteam Fusion (v3.0 - current)
# of worlds: 45 (8 main, 37 extras)
# of levels: 204 (32 main, 172 extras)

Mario Forever Remake (previously known as Mario Forever REMAKE, often abbreviated as MFR, initially called New Mario Forever), as the name may suggest, is a full remake of the game Mario Forever, developed by User:Mariovariable3410 and the MFRGT (Mario Forever Remake Group Team). This, like the original, is a PC fan game based on one of the most popular Nintendo games, Super Mario Bros. The game has been developed by using a heavily fixed version of a file found in the folder of a really old version of Mario Worker. This remake is intended to be an unofficial update of Mario Forever 4.4, which is the latest that uses the same layout as Mario Forever Remake. The game is made with Clickteam Fusion 2.5 (Multimedia Fusion until MFR v2.3)


Development for Mario Forever Remake started in Autumn 2013, when User:Mariovariable3410 decided to make a proof of concept of Mario Forever World 1 levels, as well as the same Main Menu, Save Game Room and initial part like Mario Forever v2.16. Then, he decided to release this game privately only to his closest friends as New Mario Forever v0.1. Syzxchulun, one of those people who got this demo, liked the idea, and asked to Mariovariable3410 to expand this demo and fully incorporate it in a full game. The two then started remaking remaining levels, with some other Syzxchulun's friends contributing in level editing and beta testing.

Once 2014 has arrived, first version of the game was finished. Syzxchulun decided to release the game, now called Mario Forever Remake, in two different iterations for each continent they are; Mariovariable in Europe as PAL version, and Syzxchulun in China. Syzxchulun released the game for the first time on January 30, 2014 in China. In Europe, instead, for celebrating the tenth anniversary of Mario Forever v2.16 release, Mariovariable3410 chose to release it on February 4, 2014. Since then, the game has got many more updates, people wanted to join for help Mariovariable since v2.0, and so the MFRGT increased.

Since v3.0, Mario Forever Remake has totally been recreated from scratch by Mariovariable and Crist1919 with a better polished engine made by the former, which makes the game more playable and fixes many bugs and lags that were found in older versions of MFR. Credits for people who remade first the worlds and the levels remain the same, however.

Mario Forever Remake versions 

The following is a table which contains all versions of Mario Forever Remake and relative details developed and released.

Version Release date Description Changelog Download
Autumn 2013
This is the very first version of Mario Forever Remake. It was simply a demo for private uses. It was called New Mario Forever. N/A
February 4, 2014
First public release. [1]
July 25, 2014
Update consisting in new extra worlds, as well as remaking original ones. [2]
October 15, 2014
Update consisting in more new stuff, new and old levels, and more bug fixing. This is the first version that includes the newest Mario Worker Remake. [3]
February 21, 2015
New languages, more new extra worlds and levels.
  • [ADD] Spanish language
  • [ADD] French language
  • [ADD] Italian language
  • [ADD] Syzxchulun's World 11 by Syzxchulun's Team
  • [ADD] World P by Mariovariable3410
March 1, 2015
New update containing some new extras, like Hardcore Worlds. [5]
June 29, 2015
New stuff, a new language and more new extra worlds and levels. [6]
July 7, 2016
A complete revival version after a whole year of development. It contains a lot of new stuff, but also some bugs, though.
  • [REMOVE] The first version of World 11 by Syzchulun's Team
  • [REMOVE] The Lost Map 2 by Mario Worker
  • [REMOVE] The Tutorial Level by Crist1919
  • [FIX] The game has totally been recreated on a new-and-better polished engine, which makes the game lighter, in terms of weight, changing from 250/300MBs to 65MBs;
  • [FIX] New and better graphics in a good part of the Team-Made levels;
  • [FIX] Musics are now loaded externally;
  • [FIX] The game now displays 32.000 colors, like the original Mario Forever, instead of 16 millions.
  • [FIX] Beginning story cutscene
  • [FIX] End story cutscene
  • [FIX] The Save Game Room now looks exactly the same as original Mario Forever one, but with a Warp Pipe added to the initial part, which leads to the MFRGT zone
  • [FIX] The Green Jumping Lui now gives to Mario better jumping physics. Now he jumps around 128 pixels higher than before.
July 10, 2016
It consist mainly in bug fixing and graphic improvement.
  • [FIX] Main Menu freeze bug
  • [FIX] World K path
  • [FIX] World S bug
  • [FIX] General stuff, including translations, enemies displacement and such
  • [FIX] Incorrect graphics
  • [ADD] Hammer Suit level by Crist1919
October 7, 2016
The latest version.
  • [ADD] World G by Mariovariable3410
  • [ADD] World T by Mariovariable3410
  • [ADD] German language
  • [ADD] Czech language
  • [FIX] More incorrect graphics
  • [FIX] Some external musics that didn't work
September 7, 2017
A new version incoming. ;)
  • [ADD] "Download Musics" option in the Main Menu.
  • [ADD] World B by Mariovariable3410
  • [ADD] World U by Mariovariable3410
  • [ADD] World V by Mariovariable3410
  • [ADD] Syzxchulun's World 13 by Syzxchulun's Team, with slight edits and some different graphical interfaces. Also new map.
  • [ADD] The Underland by Mariovariable3410
  • [ADD] Boo Mushroom level by Mariovariable3410
  • [ADD] Super Flower level by Mariovariable3410
  • [RE-ADD] The Lost Map 2 by Mario Worker, with a new graphical interface
  • [COMPLETE] World of Tanks by Rock537
  • [REMOVE] The Contests Winners zone
  • [REMOVE] World 0 by Crist1919
  • [REMOVE] World of Maze by Goomba's Star 101
  • [REMOVE] Desert World by Fonodi Zsolt
  • [REMOVE] Blue Lands by TheMachinumps
  • [FIX] The game now saves player's score and amount of coins and lives if he/she quits from the game.
  • [FIX] Translation corrections.
  • [FIX] General bug fixing.

Worlds and levels

Mario Forever Remake, much like the original, contains eight basic worlds, as well as numerous extra worlds and levels, accessible from the Save Game Room, or from some levels of the main game. The number of total extra worlds and levels is far bigger than original Mario Forever.


These are all worlds and levels currently featured in the game.

Original Mario Forever
Name Theme Author First appearance (version)
World 1 Overworld/Underground/Rockland User:Mariovariable3410 0.1
World 2 Overworld/Underwater Mariovariable3410, Syzxchulun, Happy_Lee12 1.0
World 3 Starland/Underground Syzxchulun 1.0
World 4 Skyland Syzxchulun 1.0
World 5 Overworld (afternoon)/Fastrun Syzxchulun, Lyh 1.0
World 6 Pipe maze Syzxchulun 1.0
World 7 Beach/Underwater Syzxchulun, Mariovariable3410 1.0
World 8 Darkland/Tanks Syzxchulun 1.0
Human Laboratory World Overworld/Overcast Rock537, Mariovariable3410 1.5
The Lost Map Skyland/Underwater Mariovariable3410 1.5
Hardcore World 1 Overworld (afternoon) Mariovariable3410 2.0
Hardcore World 2 Overworld/Fastrun User:Crist1919, Mario Worker, Mariovariable3410 2.3
Name Theme Author First appearance (version)
Mario Minix Overworld Mariovariable3410 3.0
Goomba Party Sunset (?) Rock537 2.0
Funny Tanks? Tanks Rock537 2.0
Koopa Troopa Liberation Skyland Radel999 2.0
Starman Running Skyland Mariovariable3410 2.0
Koopa the Devastator level Castle Mariovariable3410 2.3
Mario Forever Remake Group Team
Name Theme Author First appearance (version)
Syzxchulun's World 9 Sunset/Starland/Volcanic/Tank Syzxchulun 1.0
Syzxchulun's World 10 Snow/Underwater/Underground Syzxchulun 1.0
Syzxchulun's World 11 Rain/Underground Syzxchulun's Team 2.2
Syzxchulun's World 12 Desert/Underwater Syzxchulun's Team 2.3
Syzxchulun's World 13 Skyland/Airship Syzxchulun's Team 3.5
World B Beach/Hillside User:Mariovariable3410 3.5
World G Skyland/Underground/Rain Mariovariable3410 3.2
World K Snow/Beach Mariovariable3410 1.0
World L Pipe maze Mariovariable3410 1.0
World M Overworld/Spiked roof Mariovariable3410 1.5
World N Underground/Underwater Mariovariable3410 1.5
World O Starland Mariovariable3410 2.0
World P Beach/Mountain/Piranha Plants Mariovariable3410 2.2
World Q Snow Mariovariable3410 2.7
World R Rain Mariovariable3410 3.0
World S Space/Sunset/Rainbow Mariovariable3410 3.0
World T Desert/Skyland Mariovariable3410 3.2
World U Snow/Night/Mountain Mariovariable3410 3.5
World V Lava/Volcano Mariovariable3410 3.5
World -1 Overworld (afternoon)/Underground Crist1919 2.7
World -2 Desert/Ruins Crist1919 2.7
World -3 Night/Underground/Underwater/Rain Crist1919 2.3
World -4 Overworld/Skyland/Fastrun Crist1919 3.0
World -5 Autumn/Underground/Lava Crist1919 3.0
World -6 Snow/Underwater/Night Crist1919 2.7
World -7 Mountain/Skyland/Clock Tower Crist1919 3.0
World -10 Sunset/Pipe maze Crist1919 3.0
Hardcore World 3 Overworld/Blocks Crist1919 2.7
World of Tanks Tanks Rock537 2.0
Lost Map 2 Skyland/Rain/Nightland/Volcanic/Tank Mario Worker 2.7 (revival since 3.5)
World U (nmnmoooh) Night/Underground/Underwater/Lava nmnmoooh 3.0
The Underland Underground Mariovariable3410 3.5
SMB World 1 Overworld/Underground/Rockland Crist1919 3.0
Name Theme Author First appearance (version)
Stone Columns Castle Mariovariable3410 2.3
Bounce Parody Overworld/Springboards Mariovariable3410 2.3
Mario vs. Time Overworld Mariovariable3410 2.3
Sun Run Overworld/Shiny Mariovariable3410 2.3
40 Lives for Bowser Castle Mariovariable3410 2.7
Ice Flower Snow Mariovariable3410 3.0
Cloud Flower Overworld/Rain Crist1919 3.0
Hammer Suit Overworld (afternoon) Crist1919 3.1
Boo Mushroom Castle Mariovariable3410 3.5
Super Flower Overworld/Underground Mariovariable3410 3.5


These are all the worlds/levels that have been cut out, temporarily or permanently, from the game for whatever reason.

Original Mario Forever
Name Theme Author First appearance (version) Latest appearance (version) Why has it been cut out?
World of Stupidity Overworld/Crazy/Funny Clouds :P Softendo N/A N/A Not funny at all.
Mario Forever Remake Group Team
Name Theme Author First appearance (version) Latest appearance (version) Why has it been cut out?
Old version of World 11 Rain/Underground Syzxchulun's Team 2.2 2.7 Work in progress.
World 0 Overworld (afternoon)/Pipe maze Crist1919 2.0 3.2 Implemented in Mario Forever Fanmade.
World of Maze Night/Volcanic/Maze Goomba's Star 101 2.7 3.2 Implemented in Mario Forever Fanmade.
Desert World Desert/Underground/Underwater/Ruins Fonodi Zsolt 3.0 3.2 Implemented in Mario Forever Fanmade.
Blue Lands Blue Overworld TheMachinumps 3.0 3.2 Implemented in Mario Forever Fanmade.
Name Theme Author First appearance (version) Latest appearance (version) Why has it been cut out?
Tutorial Level Overworld/Tutorial Crist1919 2.7 2.7 It was not part of the original game.




Mario Forever Remake is developed by these people who worked, are working, and will work hard for make this game as wonderful as ever.

European team

  • User:Mariovariable3410 - Director, level designer, coder, spriter, executive producer, Italian translating
  • User:Crist1919 - Co-director, level designer, coder, Polish translating
  • Rock537 - Level designer, beta tester, spriter
  • Mario Worker - Level designer, coder, beta tester, Polish translating
  • Mariogeek1234 - Level designer, musics provider, beta tester
  • Radel999 - Level designer, coder, beta tester
  • Rubisetcie - Programmer (Mario Constructor Master)
  • Achiro Himuro - Spriter

Chinese team

  • Syzxchulun - Director, level designer, coder, spriter
  • Lyh - Level designer, coder, beta tester
  • HappyLee_12 - Level designer, coder, beta tester
  • nmnmoooh - Level designer, beta tester

Major contributors

  • Jeansowaty - Beta tester, music composer, Polish translating
  • xxdylanaitorxx - Spanish translating
  • Xyckijunwodz - French translating
  • Mario2233 - German translating
  • Lu9 - Portuguese translating
  • Night Fury - Romanian translating
  • Michal Döme - Czech translating
  • ElPatron036 - Dutch translating
  • Doge Gameplays - Serbian translating
  • Soig - Beta tester
  • SimilarFana - Beta tester
  • Shasdo - Beta tester

Special thanks

Buziol Games is the first one who has created Mario Forever. If it wasn't for him, today Mario Forever Remake, and especially Mario Forever, couldn't exist. Mario and relatives are property of Nintendo®.

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