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Mario Forever: All-Stars

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Mario Forever: All-Stars
MFAllStars MainMenu.jpg
The game's main menu.
Developer: Mariovariable3410 and Crist1919
Programs used: Clickteam Fusion
Clickteam Fusion
# of worlds: 1
# of levels: 10 (6 main, 4 extras)

Mario Forever: All Stars (or Mario Forever: All-Stars), is a Mario Forever game developed by Mariovariable3410 and Crist1919. This is the first Mario Forever game ever to feature Luigi as a playable character.


Mario Forever: All Stars development started around November 2015 as a game for celebrate the first year of collaboration between Mariovariable and Crist. The game needed more stuff to be developed, so the release date of the game has been posticipated to Christmas, but for the same reasons, the game has been released the first day of the year. Although slowly, the game has been developed with a lot of ideas.

The game takes some features like the preview system from Super Mario: All-Stars, hence the name.

Worlds and levels

Mario Forever: All Stars contains 10 levels overall, which 6 are main and 4 are extras.

Name Preview Theme Author
Mushroom Plains MFAllStars Level1.jpg Overworld Mariovariable3410
Lakitu Ambush MFAllStars Level2.jpg Afternoon/Rain Crist1919
Outstanding Tanks MFAllStars Level3.jpg Tanks Mariovariable3410
Star Crush MFAllStars Level4.jpg Starland Mariovariable3410
Paratroopa Parade MFAllStars Level5.jpg Skyland Crist1919
Flying Thwomps' Fortress MFAllStars Level6.jpg Castle exterior Crist1919

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Mario Forever: All-Stars Mario Forever: All-Stars
Italian Mario Forever: All-Stars Mario Forever: All-Stars
German Mario Forever: All-Stars Mario Forever: All-Stars
Spanish Mario Forever: All-Stars Mario Forever: All-Stars
Portuguese Mario Forever: All-Stars Mario Forever: All-Stars
Polish Mario Forever: All-Stars Mario Forever: All-Stars


  • Whole Flying Thwomps' Fortress level has been made by Crist1919, but the Bowser battle has been made by Mariovariable3410, as well as the castle cutscene.